Madame Apfel




Iris Apfel in Dazed and Confused

she is my favorite. since forever. holy wow yes omg. she is magnificent. she is an icon.  i have said forever, that when i grow up i will be her.  my latest collection features a “young Iris”. i was just her on Halloween — not because she is scary or that i was being cheeky, but because my wardrobe allowed it quite easily without much planning.  juuuust getting dressed in my normal way 😉

she is such an inspiration. i am so happy that she is being celebrated, i feel like it says something really positive about our culture right now that people like Iris, Anna Piaggi, — even Anna Dello Russo who is younger than the other ladies, but still “older” in fashion terms have such a prominent place in the style world.  Not only are they older, they all share an incredibly creative and free-spirited approach to fashion.

long live eccentric women! may you bring us all on your colorful journey!

(if you want to see some of Iris Apfel’s spectacular world, take a look at the trailer for her upcoming documentary xx)





aaaand me as Iris for good measure. wearing a wig in the shape of my next hair cut, vintage clothing and I Still Love You NYC ss13 jewelry ❤





I Still Love You NYC Spring Summer 2013 Video Lookbook

i am so pleased to share with you the latest collection from I Still Love You NYC for Spring Summer 2013

i hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

with love, Carrie

silly me: art dressing

I Still Love You NYC and Jayson Musson Mara Hoffman, American Apparel

last week i went to my friend, Jayson Musson‘s solo art opening.  t’was rad.

wore some Mara Hoffman, I Still Love You NYC daisy cuff, American Apparel soft clutch and my new sky high patterned wedges.  super tall, super compy. and did i say super tall?

love that!

New I Still Love You NYC!

so this is just a preview — but i am so excited that i had to share!

I Still Love You NYC Stackable Rings

brand new stackable rings by I Still Love You NYC — out super soon! (shown with i still love you nyc lace bike shorts)

Brooklyn Street Style: Dorky Preppy Chic

 i looooove how they coordinate!

Brooklyn Street Style: Dorky Preppy Chic I Love You Nonetheless

trousers are so the new leggings.  pegged pants, patterned tops, great glasses and great accessories.  her lace top and red bag combined with the tweed trousers is just the best mix of mens and womens wear.  and those shoes!  omg.  and his ability to be both dapper and cool is just the perfect balance.

Brooklyn Street Style: Dorky Preppy Chic I Love You Nonetheless

need need need

Versace for H&M

Versace for H&M comes out on Saturday…  debating weather or not to spend my birthday morning waiting in line at 7:30 am … but have you seen these things?!