just want to try

i wanted to see what these would look like on a white back ground….  i really felt like these particular shots would be really well suited to be similar feel of, say, Terry Richardson… obvs SHOOTING them on a white back ground would be preferable, this is just to see..  i don think they are tooooo bad heeheehee

love you guys

and p.s. thank you for visiting my blog!


also, the earrings you see here are made by Linda Smyth of Topstitch Boutique – one of the BEST stores on the east coast.  i’m not kidding.

Quick Shoot (1 girl 2 looks)

My very beautiful girlfriend came over today and we played dress up.  i just got a new camera so that i can start to take photos of the things i am creating.. most of my fall clothing line sold without photos, so i am happy to say going forward i will have documentation of my work!  hooooray!  i didnt want to do too much editing to the images – as i sometimes enjoy – bc this new camera is AMAZING!  so haha i am basically required to have a good eye…

o.h.p.s. the gunmetal top is an i still love you original!  from my Holiday 2009 collection xoxoxo

look 1

look 2