nyc street style

2010 Emmys

absolutely LOVE January Jones’ blue fish scale Atelier Versace dress

Alexander McQueen looks amazing on the True Blood star

AMAZING gown!  love the one long skinny sleeve and stunning neck line

lots of navy looks on the red carpet this year – really nice change from black

the beaded ombre design is phenomenal, love the side cut out

simplistic dress with an incredible necklace – absolutely inspired by that piece!

NPH! looove the two tone lapel

**all photos are from an internet

a few of my favorite things

recently i made an observation that when i was in london i was putting together really fun looks with the minimal pieces in my suitcase, and thought that maybe i needed less clothes to make more fun outfits.  and then i was like, yeah right, like ima get rid of ANYTHING.  anyway, i came home, allowed my suitcase to explode over the course of the last few weeks and BAM! it hit me – of course i want to wear the same 5 favorite pieces – i cant seeeeeeeee anything!!!

LONDON CLOTHES // ready for the packing

AMERICAN CLOTHES // ready for the smacking

poor shelf, covered in accessories..WTS! the flooooor!!  the patterns are pretty tho..shoezzzah zah zah i loves em

i know this is just a story about cleaning a room, but it feels so good to have everything in place.. putting earrings and necklaces and watches in boxes, re finding pieces ive had forever and realizing new combinations of things – its better than christmas!  and every time i go to walk in the room i get so excited!

you can see the floor!  and, yes, that IS an acid wash jean back pocket rug

shoez i makes em

so.  ive been seeing these boots on an internet a lot recently and then my gurl jacci posted a bunch of photos on her blog (booyeah! – being perf is hard ((for most peeps, not jacci))) anywho, ive been having a really busy slash productive week – which i LOVE – and so yesterday when i was cleaning and organizing i found a pair of cowboy boots i havent worn in years and decided to make my own pair of funny boots

***warning*** chains make shoes HEAVY – i recommend a. not trekking ACROSS manhattan the FIRST day you wear them b. maybe getting insoles and c. yeah, get insoles.

but ill tell you what, i don care how heavy they are cause dayum i like em

i wanted to wear them with a maxi skirt (cause im obsessed) but i din have one that worked..  but this did..

same vintage hat im always wearing // feather clip :: i still love you a/w 2010 // white vintage button down  // reworked vintage button skirt // textured gold chain belt with tassels // new shoes made out of old shoes and worn out belts