hey baby, whats your sign

a stunning and surreal editorial journey through the zodiac calendar featuring designers including Alexander McQueen, Lanvin and Christopher Kane

Vogue UK // Photographer: Tim Gutt // Model: Siri Tollerod // Stylist: Kate Phelan // Set Designer: Shona Heath

images are from Fashion Gone Rogue

acid queen

i absolutely love Christopher Kane’s spring summer 2011 it has as much neon, lace (real and laser print), texture and volume a girl could want while still remaining minimal, modern and refined.

heck yes

omg so remem when i was all like “i still plan on wearing weird mash ups of prints” etc.. (yeah Carrie, it was like 3 hours ago.) well.  Erdem HAS IT.  and sometimes i think i am crazy for wanting to wear things so drastically all over the place!  so.  print mixing.  lace mixing.  crazy times with quirky florals, washed out prints and odd color combos.  AAAAAND they are in super minimal silhouettes!  omg. i am so excited.  i am so freaking about the button up you have no idea.  boobies feel so vulgar lately – high necklines, buttoned up collars, necks themselves being the focus are straight where its at.  (because of the small size of my line production doesnt end until next month, but when it does – YOU will freak.)  gee – am i excited right now?  i tink i ams!  woo hoo!  WHITE AND IVORY!  NAVY AND BLACK!  WEIRDNESS!  LACE!  oh my.

images from style.com

yummy london II

deconstructed salad: wedge of lettuce, carrots, spring onion, whole tomato, cucumber, chili

soft white cheese, walnut, parsley, tomato

grilled seafood plate: whole small trout, calamari, prawn, flaked white fish

pommes frites

grilled kebabs: chicken, lamb, shawarma; onion salad, grilled tomatos

Lebanese coffee

hp and mustards

toad in the hole

mushy peas

bangers and mash

saffron gin and tonics


ham, scotch egg, roast beef

pickled onions, pickled walnuts, pickle

fresh picked lettuce, radish, and young corn, cheeses, meats, pickles, chutneys, baguette

Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer

baked gammon ham joint with cloves


gammon ham joint with grain mustard and quince cheese, new potatoes, fresh picked squash and runner beans (first of the season)

freshly picked blackberry tart with cream

silly me…

im not sure why when i am in London i feel more free to wear funny/weird/different clothes than i do when i am in nyc.  this is one of the fashion capitals, yet i still wear my black on black go to pieces, my same ratty tank and cut offs, and the 3 fave items of the moment that are usually a little more fun, but are still kinda whatev to me…  idk, maybe y’all would disagree.  maybe its this humid sticky disgusting weather in manhattan that makes me cringe at the thought of fabric on my skin.  maybe its too many clothes in my closet to be able to see clearly and use any imagination when dressing.. i have to say, cool weather plus minimal garment choices do equal fun times.  so.  who knows, maybe ill get rid of a bunch of stuff (yeah right) and hold my breath till fall.

Matthew Williamson scarf as head wrap, vintage printed dress w. shoulder pads (hemmed from super long to super short) gifted blue stained bone necklace, vintage orange stone and brass necklace, 80/20 sandals

suede hat, vintage levi’s jacket (borrowed – REALLLLLY dont want to give back) funny sweater tank also vintage, Kate Moss for Topshop shorts, tights 100 denier by George, my purps – vintage Sam and Libby

suede hat, Hurwundeki tee (worn backwards), Erre Siete owl necklace, i still love you lace bike short, tattered tights, jeffery campbell mary rocks platform wedges

London Street Fashion: Brick Lane

London Street Fashion: Camden Market