I Still Love You NYC Spring Summer 2013 Video Lookbook

i am so pleased to share with you the latest collection from I Still Love You NYC for Spring Summer 2013

i hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

with love, Carrie

girls on film

I Still Love You NYC Brain Gravy Creative Spring Summer 2011 Film

hi there,

it’s been a while.  i apologize.  we’ve been moving which of course takes up more time than one wants to allow for — as does making a f#&%@g website.. so, because i just cannot stand it any more, without further ado, i would like to present to you the I Still Love You NYC Spring Summer 2011 film by I Still Love You NYC and Benjamin Webb of Brain Gravy Creative.  Enjoy. (and watch in full screen)


Film by Benjamin Webb of Brain Gravy Creative in collaboration with I Still Love You NYC
Stylist: Tina Nguyen
Makeup: Leilani Sunglao // Hair: Alice Shiels and Anya Krotova
Models: Thea Carley and Leah Michelle

Stop, You’re Beautiful.

I Still Love You NYC

I am very excited to tell you that the brand new I Still Love You NYC website is almost finished!  We have the film ready and hanging in the corridors just waiting to amaze and delight you. You. Will. Love.  While we finish everything up, please enjoy this teaser (love letter?) from Brain Gravy Creative, and i’ll tell you what.  Those words at the end?  I meant every one.

love you.

grey and gold

giant faux fur hat // cheapy sunglasses // leather patchwork scarf // print drape scarf from ASOS // tie dye mini mullet dress // mustard tights // vintage french grey leather boots  (i had been wearing a leather fringe merkin with fox tail detail – but the dog kept going after it so i had to take it off haha)

photos taken by my amazing friend, Benjamin Webb and all clothes borrowed from my most beautiful and amazing friend, Linda Smyth of Rabid Fox and Fleathers and her massive closet of wonderment ❤

I Still Love You NYC

I Still Love You Spring 2011

I Still Love You

First Look: Brass chain mail and fringe necklace, slate grey silk halter, multi feather clip,large leaf print cotton shorts.

Second Look: Large multi feather hair clip, sheer floral silk scarf, dusty lavender paisley silk halter, slate blue silk short, chain and tassel belt.

Designer, Creative and Art Direction: Carrie Morrissey

Photographer: Patrick Blake of Brain Gravy Creative

Style Oversight: Tina Nguyen

Makeup: Leilani  Sunglao //  Hair: Alice Shiels and Anya Krotova