Street Fashion: San Sebastián, Spain

in the village of Avezac, on the way to the bar tabac

in the tiny village we were staying there was only one bar.  not that we went there often, due to the mass quantities of wine we were coming home with every day.  oh, french wine, how i love you..  but on a cool and overcast evening we decided to check out the the local bar tabac, meandering through the empty streets,  climbing up a rocky hill to look at a tower built in the middle ages on the way..

Tour de France 2010 :: Col d’Aspin

make a left at jesusarriving in Arreaua man stripping for laundry detergentthe horse racing carthe car that gave out mini sausageswheel cartwo cuties on the mountainscorpio in the sundutch man in the sunfinally finding our spot on the mountain – right at a steep part around a curve//perfect for foto taking..first group // in the lead

yellow jersey// contador wins the race

head of the second group

scraped legscraped body

on the way downusa francemeanderingvillage church

riding back to Avezac

inside//outsideAvezac through the treesbar tabacclean feets//dirty feetsfrederick le bon temps poulet

i love love pt. 2

strawbsfromagesstiltoncucumber sammiesolivessalmon and prawn canapéstoffee macadamia nut brownieswhite chocolate buttercream topped lemon cake cupcakes

bob and anna handsjoanna and baby idavictoria n metessakaty and kajsa
anna and the monksbob and marybuddhist monks from milton keynes, the phillips’ have been close with them since they helped get the peace pagoda built in milton keynes

adammattvictoria about to give a speech about the two love birdsquoting the pope?!love the elizabeth and james dressgroup shot!  b and a with all of the “lodgers” during the last 40 years;  ranging 6 houses, 2 countries, 3 states and multiple cities.and then the band playedinto the night…




fast forward




as the night progressed, the party got smaller and smaller, concluding with a 2am kitchen raid and photoshoot.  on the floor.

celestial galaxy

ive really been enjoying star scapes lately, just saw these images taken from  Hubble Telescope of the Eagle Nebula, nicknamed the Pillars of Creation, because of the giant twisting shafts of star forming gas and dust – AMAZING!  seriously blows my mind.

n this vid is awesome  – just a touch of celestial inspiration!

p.s. on my way back to my beautiful NYC today!!  then i gives you lots of amazing street fashion photos, fave London shopping spots and pics of NEW FINDS!  (INCLUDING MY NEW SPACE PANTS!  think these photos in an amazingly draped harem pant! YUS.)

Praise the Lourdes

on our way to Spain we stopped in Lourdes to visit the caves and see what all the fuss was about.   religious paraphernalia as far as the eye can see.  it was incredibly surreal…

decapitated jesusa very classy hotelVictoria walking into Lourdes, wearing I Still Love You harem pantsMaryin any size you likefor the childrenfor the countryfor the sparklestea timereligious opulencethe grand cathedralholy water

p.s.  i KNOW ive been gone too long, i have sooo much to tell you about!  one more day in the UK – going to Brick Lane today, one of my FAVE parts of London, going to do a little shopping at a few local stores that i LOVE….  i have some AMAZING photos of France – the fashion, the country side, the Tour; St Sebastian Spain – one of the most exquisite sunsets ive ever seen, super fun street fashion and some phenomenal food; and then MORE LONDON STREET FASHION to share with you!!!  stay tuned