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I Still Love You NYC Brain Gravy Creative Spring Summer 2011 Film

hi there,

it’s been a while.  i apologize.  we’ve been moving which of course takes up more time than one wants to allow for — as does making a f#&%@g website.. so, because i just cannot stand it any more, without further ado, i would like to present to you the I Still Love You NYC Spring Summer 2011 film by I Still Love You NYC and Benjamin Webb of Brain Gravy Creative.  Enjoy. (and watch in full screen)


Film by Benjamin Webb of Brain Gravy Creative in collaboration with I Still Love You NYC
Stylist: Tina Nguyen
Makeup: Leilani Sunglao // Hair: Alice Shiels and Anya Krotova
Models: Thea Carley and Leah Michelle

Jump for Joy

hi my lovelies!  we are in the new house and unpacking as we speak, er, well, i am, the man has spring fever a fever and is in bed 😦  the webiste continues to move forward after much technical difficulties and hair pulling and WILL (i swear it will) be done SOOOOOOON!! i’ve also been pulled for an insider style research company to help design a new line of hair products!  i’ll tell you more in a few months!

… the mean time….

…a few days ago some of the I Still Love You NYC Spring 2011 clothes  were pulled for a photo shoot in combination with a bunch of AMAZEBALLS BAUBLES by Rabid Fox and Fleathers, as shot by the talented Kelly Turso

I Still Love You NYC, Rabid Fox and Fleathers
Clothing: I Still Love You NYC // Rabid Fox // Fleathers
Photographer: Kelly Turso
Model: Madison

Only Madness Makes Common Sense

my apt is a complete wreck right now as i pack and get ready to move into our new place on Saturday.  of course this is happening while im trying to finish up the new i still love you nyc website, do a bunch of guest video style blogging for a new video blog  (ill tell you more soon) aaand go to a really amazing art show tomorrow night of paintings done by my friend Matthew Palmer, and i have: no space and no unpacked clothes! ha! maybe ill take my wigs and make a cape of my very own…

Make Up Your Mind by Steven Whore //Music: Delta Maid and Ed Harcourt // Concept & Cinematography: Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben




and if you are in NYC, tomorrow night is the Dumbo Gallery Walk and featured at the Rabbithole Gallery is Matthew Palmer’s Deathwish.  i for one am very excited for it.

When speaking about his work, Matthew says, “I use painting to depict the inter-woven relationship between reality and media. Modern cultures’ engagement with technology allows one to blur the lines between fantasy and reality into an interchangeable network.   By using general figures and manipulated icons and situations, I create an environment all its own. Embedded in both the desire for beauty and destruction for what exists and what is culturally constructed.  I employ a satirical, sometimes tongue-in-cheek sarcasm in my paintings to create a playful critique of societal conduct.

Using a clash of colors, styles and generational references, my paintings display energetic and explosive situations.  I combine methods of realism, abstract expressionism, futurism and pop art into a single environment, creating a tension in the space of the painting giving the context plausibility.”