Brooklyn Street Style: Dorky Preppy Chic

 i looooove how they coordinate!

Brooklyn Street Style: Dorky Preppy Chic I Love You Nonetheless

trousers are so the new leggings.  pegged pants, patterned tops, great glasses and great accessories.  her lace top and red bag combined with the tweed trousers is just the best mix of mens and womens wear.  and those shoes!  omg.  and his ability to be both dapper and cool is just the perfect balance.

Brooklyn Street Style: Dorky Preppy Chic I Love You Nonetheless

I Still Love You NYC Found In the Real World

the street team has started to find I Still Love You NYC out and about in Brooklyn!

1. crazy cool chick at bbq wearing ISLY NYC lace bike shorts!

2. ISLY NYC Tag found in a Bed Stuy bar’s bathroom.  (shown above in photo)

these ladies get around town!


Brooklyn Street Style: Urban Cowgirl

i absolutely love this cowgirl come new york look!  her wolf shirt and fringe vest with daisy duke cutoffs would look cute on their own, but pair it with a cowboy hat and real life spurs and hot damn! you’ve got a stew going! giddy up!

Texture and Print Mixing, Manhattan

i ran into my friend, menswear designer and stylist Chike Atu the other day and i absolutely love the mix of grey wool flannel suiting, gingham, and plaid he is wearing. also the quirky scissors are fun without being too much. menswear is starting to become more classy and i think it is about time!  men look so good in a GOOD suit. (please note: GOOD SUIT, not A SUIT) his flat front trousers were tapered, cuffed and slightly short a la Thom Brown and his gorgeous italian brown suede loafers with tassel detail finished the look impeccably.

we are wanting Chike to work with Adam when he designs his suit for our wedding, as Adam is looking into moving into good suit territory, which, if you know Adam makes a lot of sense. His uniform as of now is nicely tailored shirts in fun colors, stripes, florals and plaids, cardigans and trousers. Moving to suits is just the next logical step. we’re thinking midnight blue, very saturated, almost phthalo blue.. hand sewn detailing and an interesting lining… which reminds me, the lining of Chike’s suit was a multi color silk botticelli-esq fabric. beautiful.

ah Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

the thing about Williamsburg is everyone looks good. it’s when it’s over the top that it gets really exciting! the top half of this is really quite brilliant, and the hybrid shoes are insane! i wonder if they are still good running shoes ha.

image taken by the always amazing Cameron Cooper