im doing some personal styling in long island today, so i cant stay n chat, just wanted your opinion real quick.

needing to get my hair cut, wanting this style for years (before it had the awful name it goes by these days)  based on a boys cut and not too far off from what i’ve had before….  nomnomnom……  what do you think?!

gotta make my appointment with my girl Rachel over at nick arrojo asapz!

Yosef Perez :: Twenty Panky

so as we know, we have recently fallen in love Yosef Perez

fact: they are an unbelievably moving clothing label based out of Tel Aviv featuring incredible prints, textures and gorgeous silhouettes

fact:  believe it or not you can find them on etsy (altho who knows for how long)

fact:  adam got me a a pair of their leggings for my birthday

fact:  i really want them to get here.

anywho, as we also know, Adam was amazing and started a conversation with Yosef Perez which crescendoed in a really incredible letter wishing me and my line all of the best.  phenom.

now i’ve been chatting with them, and they’ve sent me a bunch of info n images about their latest collection and i absolutely love it all!  it is much darker, somewhat goth-y, but still with a playful sensibility and a ton of opulence.

“Intrigues of the 1920s “Twenty Panky

Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

“The inspiration for the “Twenty Panky” collection originated from the 1929 silent surrealist short film “Un Chien Andalou” by the Spanish director Luis Bunuel and artist Salvador Dali. The films deal with phobias as it conveys sensations of fear, ugliness and madness alongside those of calm, beauty and esthetics.” Yosef Perez

Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You NonethelessYosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

Yosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You NonethelessYosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

“The collection tries to immortalize the glory of the “roaring 20’s” with a “rock and roll” look.” Yosef PerezYosef Perez Twenty Panky I Love You Nonetheless

Trend Alert: Spring Summer 2011

Color Blocks: The bright color trend at Jil Sander, Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung, Z Spoke.

Pajama Game: The loungewear-inspired trend at Karen Walker, Vena Cava, Thakoon, and Ralph Lauren.

Printed Matter: The print trend from Burberry Prorsum, Stella McCartney, Proenza Schouler, Prada.

Printed Matter: Givenchy, Diane von Furstenberg, Suno, Z Spoke.

The Return Of Minimalism: The minimalist trend at 3.1 Philip Lim, Richard Chai Love, Yigal Azrouël, Rag & Bone.

That ’70s Show: The ’70s trend at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, and Tory Burch.

Going Long: The long skirt trend at Diane von Furstenberg, Jil Sander; Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein Collection.

it’s so funny how fashion works… remember a few years ago when grey was the most refreshing color out there?  and now i’m so excited for all the new silhouettes and bright colors, print mixing and bold color blocking. Street styling is going to be so much fun to watch this spring in Manhattan! a lot of these trends work really well together too, which if done properly, could make some really wild new interpretations of the trends.  Obviously 70’s and print mixing go, and color blocking, minimalism and long skirts fit seamlessly together, but minimal maximal, like Prada’s graphic prints on simplistic silhouettes, Jil Sander’s exaggerated lines or Celine’s voluminous leather skirts is the stuff i can’t wait to see on the street! Layers and detail that should be contradiction but instead create something wholly new…  Ok cold weather and bundling up even when i’m inside, get outta here! We got some spring fashions to see!

thanks to Refinery 29 for the images

tis the season

i was listening to too beautiful to live and luke was talking about sufjan stevens’ christmas album.. i’m not into most chrispy music, but i thought this was sweet with its nostaligic animation style and sufjan’s lovely voice which is so unusual for a christmas song..

so i thought i would make a christmas list… haha i dont really care if i get anything.. a lot of what i’m giving to other people is stuff i’ve made which i think is so much more personal… but i have really enjoyed creating gift lists (take a look at this one i did for the frisky!) so i thought what the hej, it is the season.

1. Two tickets to The Book of Mormon

2. Macaroons — i’ve been obsessed with them for over a year now and i’ve still never had one

3. Long leather gloves — warm and elegant and something i’d never buy myself

4. The Jeffery Campbell Lita shoe in beige burgundy fabric — so weird/glam current obsession

5. The Canon PowerShot SD940IS 12.1 Mega Pixel digital camera with wide angle lens — sure i’ve got my wonderful Canon T1I, but sometimes a quick point and shoot is all you need/want

6. We went to Traif recently (a phenomenal resto in Williamsburg) and they had truffle salt rimed drinks. i would put this on everything. amaze.

polyvore is evil

right now polyvore is having the most evil sale ever. talk about urging spending, the more you buy, the more you save! from a selection of 16 pieces you can choose 1 item – save 10%, 2 items you save 20 percent all the way to 5 where you can save 50% on everything!!!  on my wish list: rag and bone cardi, marc by marc jacobs zipper detail pencil skirt, LAMB platform wedges that i am OBSESSED with, limited edition combat boots and stunning leather satchel with gold hardwear — it’s very preppy/masculine yum.

of course the sale is timed so you cant think too much about it, and if the thought of saving almost 500$ on gorgeous duds isnt enough, they have the little pictures at the bottom that points out that buying these 5 items actually gets you two for free! god help us all