problem areas — we all got em.

mine?  my arms.  always. — always always.  and as i get older they aren’t making it any easier to fit into my favorite ole blazer.  so i’ve started using those little 2 pound weights my mother so thoughtfully got me for Christmas one year, and yeah!  it’s kinda working!

but then.

what is up with the weird flappy arm meets side business?  it’s like a little bum (or tiny front bum) that just sits there, one on each side, just flapping about.  lame!

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so my girlfriend and i were talking and she tells me that her mom uses a ball to work out her pits (and give more lift to her boobs to boot!) and, well, I LOVE MOM TIPS! sooo.. i got a cute little squeeze ball with yin yang on it and i leave it in the living room.  Now every time i see it i have to squeeze it for a minute.

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I am already seeing results!

but — what do you think?   Is it working?!

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