BTW, We’re all Normal.

so, as you may know.  i am totally obsessed with Die Antwoord — they were BY FAR one of the best live shows i have ever seen.  so, as is my wont, working from home and listening to podcasts (pretending i have friends, coworkers, or just someone to converse with) i was informed by my favorite fake radio host Luke Burbank, that Die Antwoord is in fact an act (um, this is a surprise?! come on guys, just embrace it for awesome and move on) and before there was Die Antwoord, there was Max Normal. Now i also love Max Normal.  Thanks Luke!

More Food Than You Can Shake A Stick At; Yummy Brooklyn

roasted potato leek soup with sour cream (i keep the skins on)“S on an S” kale and salad. (gravy made with potato leek soup)granola makingoil and honeydried apple, walnut, almond and coconut flake granola, chocolate cherry soy ice creamtofu with chipotle goat cheese sauce, zucchini and mushrooms, caramelized red onion and parsnipthe last of the potato leek soup, spicy chipotle onions and tofudouble cut pork chop, onion rings, brussel sproutsobligatory topless winter jenny cream ale shotgunour new neighborscan’t wait to sample some of this goodness! Homemade bbq from the biker boys of the Shopit’s time for the percolator dinner partymushrooms, three types, Williamsburg Farmers Markethave i ever told you, mushrooms are my favorite food?they are.this one reminded me of a hedgehog, and it had a deep earthy flavor unlike anything ive ever had, and while cooking perfumed the entire houselocal potatoes and celery roothairy rootsome beautiful local beefyou say potato, and i say correct! that is a potato!old man celery rooti spent a lot of time photographing these mushrooms.  i was so excited to eat them!  if you have 10 minutes and want your mind blown, take a look at how mushrooms will save the world!itisinside the fuzzy mushroommmmmmmmmmushrooms (and herbes de provence we brought back from france)roasted winter veggies, perfectly cooked roast, mushroomsfam.nacho nacho nachos!savory sweet asian rice puff tower (asian rice krispie treat)regulate.sometimes, this is ALL i need.chicken, fish, taties, and sprouts. nom.Bao, three ways: Tofu, Beef and Pork from Baohaus“Pipeline Chevre” from Vermont lemony and firm. reminded me of birch trees when whole, truffles when i sliced it.way too much steak, organic pasta and brussel sproutsbreakfast of championsketel one vodka.. what is this, ice?roasted peppersfreshly pickled: tomats and half soursKarnatzlacklove, Sammy’s style“jewish olive oil” ie, chicken fatlatkes and applesaucewhole roasted chickenhomemade potato chipsRomanian SteakSalmon Steak a smattering of delights, Sammy’s Romanian Steak Housesteak n potatoa voice like Sinatra, a face like Dr Steve Brulesomewhere between a pancake and a cookie these chocolate chip treats liveeggcream action shotsuper dense foamSammy’s Romanian Steak Houseroasted banana and cream cheese stuffed french toast with apple, pear, and slivered almond compote. bacon.homemade mac a cheeegg drop soup

The View From The Shoot

Manhattan Bridge View from Dumbo

So Tuesday’s shoot turned out really perfectly.  not snow, nor early rising, nor an incredibly packed 9 hour shoot could deter my team from giving it their all, and i have to say, when you have a good team, there is no way to go wrong.  Of course, this is a teaser post — sorry! — because obvies you don’t get to see anything till it;s all done, but know that Spring Summer 2011 I Still Love You Look Book is on it’s way, to be shown first, right here at I Love YOU Nonetheless.  aaand the film will hopefully* coincide with the launching of a new I Still Love You website. but we’ll see.  there is a lot of programing that has to go into the site still. merr.

also, i’ve been asked how you can purchase articles from my line, and very soon there will be an online shop precisely for that! so, hooray!

Manhattan Bridge View from Dumbo

*Promises made while blogging cannot be used as evidence against me in a court of law and are not intended to be end all be all statements.

(love you!)

Welcome to 2011…aaand GO!

To Do List 2011


– Make I Still Love You a viable business through shrewd (and next level dance) moves, amazing designs and mind blowing collaborations with fellow artists

Get Married

– Send out all the Save the Date cards (that have been sitting in a box waiting to get addresses put on FOR MONTHS)

– Move — oh, did i tell you we’re moving to Williamsburg next month? we are. ( i still love you bushwick — me n you forever! but not really cause here i come Graham Stop!)

– Get Interns — hells yeah!  we be higherin once i got my new studio!

– Make not one, but 2 wedding dresses (thanks to my friend Katherine who helped convince me that if it is impossible to sit in my confection of a wedding dress, that i may as well have an ensemble change for the reception)

– Get down to a size 4 — or 6 — but really 4 (with help from my friends over at Weight Watchers, the gift certificate i got for an eight week boot camp session — ah, thanks Adam?! and my favorite 20 minute pilates workout video and 2 lb weights. yeah you heard it right. i can do like 3 rounds of 20 with those bad boys ha)

– Design wedding invitations, flower arrangements and oh, i dont know, an S ton MORE things that go along with a freaking wedding.

– I Still Love You
– I Still Love You
– I Still Love You………….. ∞ ∞ ∞

– Get Married? Oooh shoot — i hope our home made beer is done, the flowers are grown and the sea is full of lobsters!

is that it?  DOUBTFUL!  i did also quit smoking this year — that’s pretty exciting!  24 days now and counting.. The funny thing about that is, after smoking for over half my life, it was incredibly easy to do.  Thanks to Allen Carr for that.

so, apparently this is my most name brand post ever. but i do still mean it.  however, i am required at this time to tell you:  As part of my participation in this conversation around Weight Watchers and New Year’s resolutions, Weight Watchers gave me a free three-month subscription to Weight Watchers.