ello from london

hello hello

i am sorry i didn’t write yesterday, and after i said that i was really going to do this whole blogging thing! “take it serious – man!” says the peanut gallery!!

well, i am in london, i just arrived this morning, 3am our time, 8am on this side of the pond. we are getting ready for our engagement party, which i will post some photos from – anna, adam’s mother, has quite a green thumb, so the garden is just lush with green and red and purple and yellow. there is also an allotment down the road which is where most of the veggies come from.. we just visited it today and gathered hand fulls of blackberries, tomatoes and greens.

the weather is lovely here also – my favorite kind – LAYERING WEATHER! i’ve brought tons of pretty frocks to pair with my mink stole, floral print scarves and ivory trench. i’ve also brought a whole bunch of ’90s style clothes – black jersey dress, floral leggings, denim vest etc! as soon as i can i will upload all of my photos and show you!

this week i plan on going to quite a few museums, we are going to see a Tom Stoppard play (Arcadia), the Ham House (best example of Stuart mansion in UK), and since it is adam’s birthday i plan to take him out for a fun night of eating, drinking and debauchery.

well, i must run and help my fambilie get ready for the party, the scents of amazing food are wafting up from the kitchen!

ta ta for now, lovies!