I Still Love You Trunk Show at Convent NYC

for the next week there will be an installation in Convent NYC for my clothing and jewelry line.  We had a fun and intimate get together on Friday to kick it off.  The young and lovely designers of The Twentyten stopped by as well as some other designers, musicians and party people.  Thank you to erraone who came thru, and if you havent yet – get over there! Convent Shop NYC 179 Stanton St NY NY.

Shay Bares, brooch and glasses of own design

the twentyten

Film Producer Gabriel J. Blanco

Sarah Lee (in I Still Love You lace bike short) and Prince Terrence


the always lovely Nikki Moose of Dirty Flaws

A Margarita F’dML

i still love you + convent nyc + fat baby = RAD

style icons

designer Ny Chhorm

designer Alisha Trimble – super love her stuff!!!

Stylist V Vernard

Model Shaun Ross

Shoes from Sally LaPointe’s Fall 2010 runway show

Painter M.R. Volpe, Architect Kevin Magee, Photographer Guillaume Gilbert

Designers Hui Kuo and Collina Strada (serz want one of her backpacks, nom)

blogger and style maven Mari J Brooklyn

lookin good, looking REAL GOOD

Leopard Milkshake

Todd Thomas of Sensual Harassment and filmmaker Seth Fragomen

Christopher Garbushian of I Love Factory (p.s. i love you!)

Twinzies!  Me with my sister from another mister, Linda Smyth of Rabid Fox and Topstitch Boutique

Artist Roy Miranda with DJs Kurtlife (of Plastic Little) and Hero

A lovely chap who forgot to bring his card!  (Con Mason Martin Margiela necklace)

The Devil Horns Kill The Matador

Sweet and Salty

yeah, so this happened

Illustrator and Designer Shay Bares

Laurel St. Romain and Christopher Garbushian of I Love Factory

Designer Zana Bayne


Sup, ladies?

Sensual Harassment

May 13th 2010 Belvedere, Matthew Williamson & V Magazine Party

last week was a ton of fun, wednesday, as you know, was Iggy Pop. rad.  the next night, my man and i went to the Belvedere & Matthew Williamson party for the launch of the new pink grapefruit vodka.  yummmz.  the whole night was full of beautiful people and tons of free drinks.  the second of 4 themed parties held in the meat packing district at Belvedere’s pop up store, entry to the V Magazine event was the most vied for.  Apparently the party the night before had been really rowdy, with lots of dancing and juiciness i will not discuss (secretsss)  but one of the really wild things to happen was Matthew Williamson grabbing up a bunch of girls and running across the street to play dress up in his store!  so the party we were at was full of lovely ladies in their new frocks, gifts of M.W.  i walked away with a smaller, but still very nice, gift bag – the spring issue of V Magazine, a bottle of Belvedere and a Matthew Williamson scarf.  love!

Ricky of Dee and Ricky dot com

they make super cute pins out of legos!  they gave me one that looked like a ciggy, but i lost the filter.  now it looks like, a, ah, joint.

love the beaded detail on the shoulders

her hat is so cute!

i love his gingham tie on gingham button down shirt

Designer Michela Carraro in a jacket of her own design

i like the motorcycle jacket under the draped cape.

in love with this back pack!

he told me his friend made the suit for him, i want to go out with his friend!  (while wearing some Suno NYC that is!)

acid wash jeans and yellow pumps

my new Matthew Williamson scarf

i love this city.

i am not a true lost fan.  let me get that out of the way.  i stopped 1/2 way thru season 3 and did not pick back up until the season finale last year at the bell house.  madness.

i am in now, tho (and watching all of the episodes i haven’t seen, my man is lovely and is revisiting them with me)

previously on lost.  epic band.  fantastic front men.

j.j. abrams master of new media / media integration (ie Oceanic flights on sale thru Expedia)

sent Daniel Dae Kim, Jorge Garcia,  Damon Lindelof, and Carlton Cuse

to the Knitting Factory to watch the final episode before the show’s 2.5 hour finale.

i love this city.

we drank Dharma Beers

watched a free encore performance from Previously on Lost

and hung out  with characters and writers from the show.