floppy layers

Carrie Morrissey I Love You Nonetheless

hiding behind sunglasses  //  plaid cape : Jolt  //  color blocked tank in my fave colors combo right now — poppy and olive.  yes.  //  vintage leather belt  //  vintage skirt that i button funny and then tell everyone it’s marc jacobs haha  //  vintage python clutch  // vintage via spiga shoes

fall weather


can you believe it has already snowed?  i hope that isn’t foreshadowing!

fall is my favorite, the sun slices through crisp air and smells so good,  the leaves are changing colors from green to orange and gold, and layering is simply,

the best way to dress. ever.

Carrie Morrissey I Love You Nonetheless

Carrie Morrissey I Love You Nonetheless

Purple wool beret, I Still Love You NYC fresh water pearl and 3″ tassel earrings, plaid wool scarf picked up in Amsterdam, vintage short sleeve sweater : Rhode Island, vintage blue blazer : Topstitch, Sabina bag in navy leather, super old boyfriend jeans, fuzzy leopard print shoes : Rainbow

ps dont you love that camo wall?  i’ve gotten 1 camo item so far — it’s an interesting take on it too… pretty sure its not going to be the last

aaaaaaaand back to the 90’s

are we layering pants and dresses?

the pj pants are already coming back

pajama style pantsphoto by stockholm street style

(my husband hates these; haha, ooh boys. they’ll never truly understand it will they?!)



happy halloween!

♦ halloween 2011 ♦

a couple of hallowindow projections on our front window

Adam’s homemade costume consisting of spray painted giraffe spots on a khaki jacket and trousers — tip: if you make a spray painted  piece of clothing, make sure you have enough time to wash and dry it.  otherwise you wont be allowed in anyone’s apartment!

the motley animal crue

featuring adam as giraffe, anneliis as le business tiger, carl as a pile of cats — yes i said pile of cats (cat jacket provided by yours truly) and me, as a leopard

my outfit is almost completely from rainbow, particularly excellent are the leopard print shoes — they’re going to be a shoe staple now. and if youre wondering how i found a bolero and pant of the same print, i didn’t.  they’re all pants.  top and bottom.          pants.  boom, leopard costume created.

oh i almost forgot.  the faux peplum im wearing is actually real leopard collar just tied around my waist.  but don’t hate me — it’s vintage!

masks from the super rad jungle store… i actually got the masks to have during the second half of our wedding reception — i thought it would be amazing if all of a sudden there were all these animals dressed in suits and dresses celebrating… but alas, the bag of faces masks were forgotten at home, never making it to the site.  i have to say tho, that was the only thing that went wrong at our entire wedding, so, big ups to that!

oh sorry, back to halloween.

alexii is wearing one of the Holiday 2011 I Still Love You NYC pieces — to be unveiled soon!♥ trouble makers ♥

ok enough pre gamingour host, theodore roosevelt ¤¤ a hockey player so into his costume he was wearing rollerblades insidethere is totally an apparition of a flapper above this girls left shoulder! ↑hostest with the mostest frida kahlopowder, batman, dionysus. yes.creepy clown — meow!tommy’s homemade death by pabst the witching hourwell, maybe just a little post gaming in my studio with a couple of cool cats..

Brooklyn Street Style: Urban Cowgirl

i absolutely love this cowgirl come new york look!  her wolf shirt and fringe vest with daisy duke cutoffs would look cute on their own, but pair it with a cowboy hat and real life spurs and hot damn! you’ve got a stew going! giddy up!

new york weekends – summer’s not over yet

the mother of all clothing swaps, subversive knit car and bike, my lovely friends from Bad Credit No Credit  at Glass Lands in Williamsburg, the always lovely Sarah from RHLS, perfume bottle earrings, ninjas, Pink Stallone, stollen jello shots and rando warehouse raves, the boys of Sensual Harassment, morning martinis and west village brunch, walking on the high line looking at architecture, street art instillation art, street fashion, skinny legs with towering heels, cute bob hair cuts, orange loafers, police officers who sag their pants who i therefore do not respect, the most beautiful bedroom, saffron infused salad dressing, backyard fires, grilling, meat meat and more meat, dancing to rap videos and playing with Mila, project sunday: making a new shower curtain..