let’s become crystals, we’ll slice new facets

For today’s daily fix of I Still Love You, please enjoy some turban time, a little jewelry, and detail shots of the sheer and opaque silk button down.

Lilac sheer buffalo plaid taffeta  scarf as turban // short feather hair clip // brass and copper multi chain choker // silk button down // limited edition white lace bike short

Velvet burnout detail necklace with clusters of mother of pearl disco balls, vintage black chandelier crystals and large faux pearls on brass and copper chains

Large pastel floral print and sage green silk half and half scarf in the “leaf” shape // multi chain and large vintage chandelier crystal necklace


I Still Love You

Designer, Creative and Art Direction: Carrie Morrissey

Photographer: Patrick Blake of Brain Gravy Creative

Style Oversight: Linda Smyth

Model: Sarah Ruggieri

oh, and don’t forget — as well as all of the images rolling out each day, there’s an incredible  I Still Love You and Brain Gravy Creative film coming out oooh so very soon!


Turban Time

Captain’s log, Day 157: obsession with turbans continues.. so far there is no sign of turning back any time soon.  Conditions: warm ears and wind blocking abilities through a process of wrapping, braiding and tying.  I’ve also started noticing there seems to be an addictive quality to the turban time, one where obsession over new wrapping methods is combined with multiple scarves to create larger and more intricate patterns and shapes.  Fashionable women across the nation have started “TTing it” as it’s known in inner circles.  Authorities do not yet know how far this turban time reaches, but specialists do agree that it is in fact an epidemic. Please see exhibits A through D, photos taken just this past week, in which turban time has been present, full force.

the braided side

the crescent braid (from ear to ear)

the braid and tassel // black widow

the braided knot

Captain’s note:  after reviewing these exhibits, it appears that high button collared shirts are also quite prevalent.  Will write about at more length as the story develops.

Captain CMorr Fancypants, the year of our lord (karl lagerfeld) two thousand one huny and eleven.