a sheer thing

i’ve been obsessing over the sheer maxi for a little while now – it is a still budding trend after all – but im starting to find more people wearing the trend every day now…  mostly models and Europeans, the style is coming to urban outfitters – and i guess then the rest of the country…  i have plans to make a few skirts and dresses – defs for myself – maybe for sale too….  but while we all imagine what awesomeness i plan on making in the next few weeks, check out these rad ladies who are already rocking this bad ass look.

Abbey Lee Kershaw looks phenom in this sheer and lace dress, combat boots, coordinating jacket and bright red lips. loooove.

here is an amazing black chiffon version – the seams make a really lovely detail

the stripes and looseness of this maxi dress are so pretty, and the motorcycle jacket give this look the perfect amount of edge

this dress could easily be straight out of the hot topic in the mall, but with the cool shoes and draped leather jacket, the spiderwebs look sophisticated rather than costumey


i love this whole look (from facehunter) she’s so sexy and edgy and over the top in the most relaxed way possible.  the button up shirt with leather shorts and fanny pack slung across her shoulder.  the ring – i just called Mishka to ask them if they made it.  i am sad to say they didnt, but then we had a nice little talk about how maybe they SHOULD make a ring like this…  also.  check out that freakin weird ass bolo tie too… i think i may have to try to make something like that is so bad ass.

new york weekends – summer’s not over yet

the mother of all clothing swaps, subversive knit car and bike, my lovely friends from Bad Credit No Credit  at Glass Lands in Williamsburg, the always lovely Sarah from RHLS, perfume bottle earrings, ninjas, Pink Stallone, stollen jello shots and rando warehouse raves, the boys of Sensual Harassment, morning martinis and west village brunch, walking on the high line looking at architecture, street art instillation art, street fashion, skinny legs with towering heels, cute bob hair cuts, orange loafers, police officers who sag their pants who i therefore do not respect, the most beautiful bedroom, saffron infused salad dressing, backyard fires, grilling, meat meat and more meat, dancing to rap videos and playing with Mila, project sunday: making a new shower curtain..

Fashion’s Night Out

6PM start of the night.  dj Aaron K at convent

Designer Gary Freeman of Post Modern Tease (item most excited to wear this fall? Chunky cardigan – #1 hit for the night as most excited about article of clothing)

when asked what he was excited to wear for fall, Leon replied, “Fall?! i leave for Australia tomorrow so i can follow summer!”

the feet of Convent Shop owner Travis Wayne, wearing Sally LaPointe pants and Bernard Willhelm leather and suede hightop kicksLOVE this preppy sweet look – combo of basket weave texture and the pop of color keep it quirkydries van noten yes plz

Brendon James Porter in Margiela blazer, D2Squared multi tiered brooch, and Costume Dept fringe sweatshirt

David J. Krause of the twentyten, looking smashing as always

amazing find! vintage repair man’s leather bag – picked up that day for 5 american dollars in Greenpoint

mad scientist.  love the all white combination using texture and different fabrics and vinyl

Keith Haring inspired clothes at Patricia Field

yummy free Bustelo

AMAZING spiked Arnold Palmer Sorbet by Brewla

R. Mackswell Sherman and Sarah Jones of Ruffeo Hearts Lil’ Snotty – we’ll see them this Friday for the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend at Glasslands!

Maybe my fave sweater of the night?

love the combo of these two dudes.  both with fantastic looks

two windows from Bellahaus

heading toward Oak

leather blazer, tucked in tie, bicycle. yes.

Terry DeVonn Campbell rocking a sick military jacket and trade mark feathers at Oak

black, white, khaki and yellow

Leather harness con blazer, velvet tie

Bear and Sarah looking A-Ok!

work it

photos are fun when you have good models

Gareth Pugh trousers – i die

ring toss on Bond St


so so so cute with her ballon and hot pink birkin bag!

Mercer Street

live model in the Agent Provocateur window

sweet boho: satin bow, crop jacket, fringe necklace, leather skirt

love the floral romper almost completely hidden by the letter jacket style cardi

super cute prepsters

leopard pants!

the crowd outside of Piperlime – trying to catch a glimpse of Rachel Zoe

great shoes all around // love the (possibly?) hand painted skirt – very Keith Haring slash Die Antwoord

the ponytail looks sweet with this tailored ultra mini and woven leather belt

Tim Gunn! i respect him so much!  his knowledge of fashion; garment construction, the insides and outs of the industry as well as its history, and his insightful and thoughtful critiques make him a pillar in the fashion industry

Tim Gunn with Deborah Lloyd, Co-President and Creative Director, Kate Spade..discussing Team 5’s “Carry On”  window for the dress a window competition at Kate Spade.

i also enjoyed this necklace as anklet thing, altho i think it would work better over a boot than directly on the ankle.

the window at Custo Barcelona

fantastic crowd in what come around goes around

Mary Hasavari, designer of Flinga Clothing (including her PHENOMENAL leather jacket) and her hilarious friend in Margiela sunglasses

quick pit stop

opalescent silk trench with incredible leather harness, massive and wild chain and wire necklace: one day, i will be you.

funny face puppy!

dusty aqua and vintage cowboy

fantastic brooch combination #1

and impecable ensamble all together

and we have similar wallets!

incredible hair, classic trench and beautiful textile scarf..

impromptu photo shoot

love the military jacket and drop crotch khakis

completely candid shot of two of my favorite people: Nate and Julia Skinner. heart.

your hostess for the evening


sessytimez in the dressing room with the amazing Linda Smyth of Topstitch Boutique and Rabid Fox

Hurwundeki blazer, Ante celestial harem pant (got them when i was in london last and have been soooo excited to wear them!), giant glow in the dark rosary (purchased in Lourdes) and fantastic leather booties found recently while thrifting in RI

dapper chaps: gingam collar henley/cuffed jeans; leather shorts/leggings/dress shoes

grey tuxedo blazer and blue trousers make me happy

fantastic brooch combination #2

especially when part of one of the best canadian tuxedos EVER

love the over sized silk button down and long cuff bracelet with classic trousers and natural hair. perfect.

sunglasses, white woven henley, black and white textile bag

ya heard

monsters and paparazzi at Mars Bar

amazing acid wash denim and boots // faux fur vest, vintage louis and gold platforms


rio ryosuke suzuki

nyc street style