New Shoez – rhino-donkulous

these are so fun too to just stomp around in!  i feel so tall/hot/powerful — perfect for dancing in tonight at my birthday party !!! now i just have to figure out what to wear with them..

New Shoez Rhino-donkulous I Love You Nonetheless

believe it or they’re Steve Madden scored at DSW huzzah!  Adam says they have little rhino noses and i have to agree.  worn with imitation of christ jeans

ps sorry for all the exclamation marks, altho i am talking about shoes.  ha ha.

oh and cause its mah birthday weekend (almost) so im happy!  as i mentioned tonight is my party — im have double trouble combined birthday party with my bestie Alexii at an awesome mixology bar, then tomorrow waking up really early to go stand in line for Versace for H&M, come home n play dress up, theeen Adam is taking me out on a surprise date Saturday night!  all i know is it starts in Chelsea, but he’s really excited, so i know it’s going to be amaze-balls! and then Sunday is my actual birthday and i plan on doing all my favorite things for my birthday.  sleep in, go to brunch, go for a walk through williamsburg, cook some yummy food and cuddle with my husband.

this is going to be a great weekend

what are your plans?