can we discuss

what the hell happened to:


girl, i love you, but what the heck? you were by far one of the skinniest ladies in all of the Gala!  p.s. loooove your hairrrrr


the once master of sexy fashion, the designer is now designing for Hot Topic?!  oh, wait, what? that IS a Tom Ford gown?! noooooooooo times a brazilian.


to Abby Milly for sending in this awesome DIY’d tote she made “designer” with a magic marker!  not only is it super on trend, it also is a great way to spruce up an average tote bag!  Congrats Abby, thanks for submitting your DIY and i will see you tomorrow on the Green Carpet at Origins Rocks Earth Month!

and thanks to everyone else for participating!  there were some really great entries! xoc