i see you in 3D


who’s black and light and print all over?  LINDERS!

norse wind god

the artist formally known as printz

eyes / lies

did you know raves are happening again?

they are

Linder wears  Mink Pink bustier, thief & BANDIT crop tee, some sort of rad shorts from Vagabond i thiiiink :: Vien and i are in vintage from neck to ankle






Turban Time

Captain’s log, Day 157: obsession with turbans continues.. so far there is no sign of turning back any time soon.  Conditions: warm ears and wind blocking abilities through a process of wrapping, braiding and tying.  I’ve also started noticing there seems to be an addictive quality to the turban time, one where obsession over new wrapping methods is combined with multiple scarves to create larger and more intricate patterns and shapes.  Fashionable women across the nation have started “TTing it” as it’s known in inner circles.  Authorities do not yet know how far this turban time reaches, but specialists do agree that it is in fact an epidemic. Please see exhibits A through D, photos taken just this past week, in which turban time has been present, full force.

the braided side

the crescent braid (from ear to ear)

the braid and tassel // black widow

the braided knot

Captain’s note:  after reviewing these exhibits, it appears that high button collared shirts are also quite prevalent.  Will write about at more length as the story develops.

Captain CMorr Fancypants, the year of our lord (karl lagerfeld) two thousand one huny and eleven.


Marc Jacobs Autumn fashion makeuphey.  how are ya.  it is cold to the bone grey and wet outside today, of course it is also a day that i’ve spent outside in the rain, running from fabric store to notions store to seamstress to ack forgot to eat lunch.. anyway, you know how it goes.

i do know what will make ALL OF US feel so nice and warm and snuggley right about now:  go on over to the side bar and subscribe to my blog!  It would just be the coolest ever if you ask me.

love you

saturday night

tonight we dine with our very good friends, Ciaran and Rachel. Ciaran has probably influenced you without your knowledge as he is, you know, kinda a big deal in that whole advert world.. anywho, we are having dins together tonight, and i thought you guys would enjoy his invitation.


Wanted to find out if you guys were still up for dinner tonight – we
certainly hope so.  The theme for the menu, as discussed, is old New
York; it should be a fun meal.  I’ve been trying to track down a
description of a dinner party in the 1920s I read in a history class
but I can’t find it.  It involved a huge dinner table with a pond in
the middle – a real pond.  Inside the pond there were live swans – how
cool would it be if they were black swans?  Strangely enough, when I
think about that type of nonsensical excess and one-upmanship two
words come to mind: hip, hop.

Hope to see you tonight!


have a great weekend guys!! xococo

i hate to see you go but i love to watch you leave

so in keeping with the theme of the day — cray-cray fashion coming from friends, my super rad friend Glendon Romett just sent me this amazing pants video. yes, you read that right, pants video. faves are the weird animal head on the white jeans and second place goes to the quacking ducks. i especially love the techno mix and just like the rando running shoe platform stilletos from my last post, if you really wanted, i guess you could DIY the shiz outta these guys too. thanks Glendon!

and check out Glendon’s superfantastic band Primitive Noyes you can download their album for free, right from the website. YAY FREE!

now i’m off to Stand Up for Peace charity event which i am very excited about! we’ll be seeing Wyatt Cenac, Jenny Slate and a bunch of other comedians as well. Should be really fun, and we’ll be attending the after party too so if there are good photos, you know they’ll be posted! i hope you also have a lovely evening!

ex oh coco