New Shoez – rhino-donkulous

these are so fun too to just stomp around in!  i feel so tall/hot/powerful — perfect for dancing in tonight at my birthday party !!! now i just have to figure out what to wear with them..

New Shoez Rhino-donkulous I Love You Nonetheless

believe it or they’re Steve Madden scored at DSW huzzah!  Adam says they have little rhino noses and i have to agree.  worn with imitation of christ jeans

ps sorry for all the exclamation marks, altho i am talking about shoes.  ha ha.

oh and cause its mah birthday weekend (almost) so im happy!  as i mentioned tonight is my party — im have double trouble combined birthday party with my bestie Alexii at an awesome mixology bar, then tomorrow waking up really early to go stand in line for Versace for H&M, come home n play dress up, theeen Adam is taking me out on a surprise date Saturday night!  all i know is it starts in Chelsea, but he’s really excited, so i know it’s going to be amaze-balls! and then Sunday is my actual birthday and i plan on doing all my favorite things for my birthday.  sleep in, go to brunch, go for a walk through williamsburg, cook some yummy food and cuddle with my husband.

this is going to be a great weekend

what are your plans?

happy halloween!

♦ halloween 2011 ♦

a couple of hallowindow projections on our front window

Adam’s homemade costume consisting of spray painted giraffe spots on a khaki jacket and trousers — tip: if you make a spray painted  piece of clothing, make sure you have enough time to wash and dry it.  otherwise you wont be allowed in anyone’s apartment!

the motley animal crue

featuring adam as giraffe, anneliis as le business tiger, carl as a pile of cats — yes i said pile of cats (cat jacket provided by yours truly) and me, as a leopard

my outfit is almost completely from rainbow, particularly excellent are the leopard print shoes — they’re going to be a shoe staple now. and if youre wondering how i found a bolero and pant of the same print, i didn’t.  they’re all pants.  top and bottom.          pants.  boom, leopard costume created.

oh i almost forgot.  the faux peplum im wearing is actually real leopard collar just tied around my waist.  but don’t hate me — it’s vintage!

masks from the super rad jungle store… i actually got the masks to have during the second half of our wedding reception — i thought it would be amazing if all of a sudden there were all these animals dressed in suits and dresses celebrating… but alas, the bag of faces masks were forgotten at home, never making it to the site.  i have to say tho, that was the only thing that went wrong at our entire wedding, so, big ups to that!

oh sorry, back to halloween.

alexii is wearing one of the Holiday 2011 I Still Love You NYC pieces — to be unveiled soon!♥ trouble makers ♥

ok enough pre gamingour host, theodore roosevelt ¤¤ a hockey player so into his costume he was wearing rollerblades insidethere is totally an apparition of a flapper above this girls left shoulder! ↑hostest with the mostest frida kahlopowder, batman, dionysus. yes.creepy clown — meow!tommy’s homemade death by pabst the witching hourwell, maybe just a little post gaming in my studio with a couple of cool cats..

i love love

today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Adam’s parents Bob and Anna.  to find two people who are still madly in love after so many years is so wonderful (and unusual in this day and age!)  we will have elderflower champagne, cucumber sandwiches, and dancing – into the night i imagine.  people have been coming in all week from around the world and we will all ascend on the party with presents, stories and giddy anticipation.  then tomorrow Adam and i fly to France, where we will spend the next week with a few close friends in the country side…  aah, love.  i love it.

Lily Cole for Moschino I Love Love

tea parties and picnics

May 13th 2010 Belvedere, Matthew Williamson & V Magazine Party

last week was a ton of fun, wednesday, as you know, was Iggy Pop. rad.  the next night, my man and i went to the Belvedere & Matthew Williamson party for the launch of the new pink grapefruit vodka.  yummmz.  the whole night was full of beautiful people and tons of free drinks.  the second of 4 themed parties held in the meat packing district at Belvedere’s pop up store, entry to the V Magazine event was the most vied for.  Apparently the party the night before had been really rowdy, with lots of dancing and juiciness i will not discuss (secretsss)  but one of the really wild things to happen was Matthew Williamson grabbing up a bunch of girls and running across the street to play dress up in his store!  so the party we were at was full of lovely ladies in their new frocks, gifts of M.W.  i walked away with a smaller, but still very nice, gift bag – the spring issue of V Magazine, a bottle of Belvedere and a Matthew Williamson scarf.  love!

Ricky of Dee and Ricky dot com

they make super cute pins out of legos!  they gave me one that looked like a ciggy, but i lost the filter.  now it looks like, a, ah, joint.

love the beaded detail on the shoulders

her hat is so cute!

i love his gingham tie on gingham button down shirt

Designer Michela Carraro in a jacket of her own design

i like the motorcycle jacket under the draped cape.

in love with this back pack!

he told me his friend made the suit for him, i want to go out with his friend!  (while wearing some Suno NYC that is!)

acid wash jeans and yellow pumps

my new Matthew Williamson scarf