Chanel Pre Fall 2011

Chanel Pre Fall 2011
Absolutely in LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE with Chanel’s Byzantine adventure for Pre-Fall 2011. Classic Chanel styles sometimes infused, sometimes taken over by ornamentation — square jewel buttons, layers of embroidery, intricate lace, cashmere and silk — all impeccably combined.

Chanel Pre Fall 2011

This bejeweled jacket is shoulder and collarless !!! amaze. when i was in design school i remember designing something like this, and my teachers told me it was impossible. impossible my friends?! not for The Lagerfeld. and how phenom is this jacket combined with oxford shirt and wide whale trouser.. so relaxed but opulent. totally my steez.  i love the massive, almost armor like harness on top of the classic Chanel cream tweed coat. Karl has a way of making slight changes seem so impactful and a la mode.

Chanel Pre Fall 2011

navy and black, cashmere and leather, asymmetrical pops of gold embroidery, mixed prints, sweaters you want to live in when it’s cold and damp outside, crown headbands on messy done hair, leather boot/legging/tights and jewels jewels jewels.

Chanel Pre Fall 2011

the show was held in the couture salon on Rue Cambon, surrounded by opulent gold walls, tapestries and furniture.  the models started out walking to songs off Dark Side of the Moon, and it ended with shimmering tweed, sequin and beaded gowns, mash ups of embroidery.. i love the belt folded over the gown, so unexpected.

Chanel Pre Fall 2011

my favorites tho were the frothy confections of opalescent sheer silk chiffon covered in embroidery and cheeky little gold lame panties, and medium grey sheer maxi dress with chain and jewel detailing on the sleeves..

Chanel Pre Fall 2011

you can watch the video here

Givenchy Spring Summer 2011

impossibly skinny models walking down in sheer sheer sheer. leopard prints, lazer cutting and layers – a cornucopia of things i adore.  graceful and edgy, wild and wearable, Givenchy has been hitting us with one season after another of beautiful garments that push the envelope while continuing to to hold true to the label.  touches of Aeon Flux futurism, lace and leather ruffles and pleats, vamp lips and mini braids at the bottoms of crimped hair.  love.


Karl! WTF?!

i have heard some people refer to the Chanel Fall Winter 2010 collection as a social statement about the injustices of global warming.  The ice caps melting on the runway, the models walking thru water in towering heels, their complete fur ensembles getting soaked (and possibly ruined) during the show.  That interpretation is complete and utter ridiculousness.  Half of the clothes were completely unwearable, and as much as i am enjoying this fur heavy season, the extravagant use of fur seemed extremely pointless and wasteful, more of an exhibition of excess than any sort of world conscious political statement.  Where as Topshop Unique was inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, Chanel just knocked the monsters off.

Alexander McQueen F/W 2010 RTW

His final season, only 80% complete at the time of his death, is one of romanticism and restraint.  Sumptuous fabrics, undulating and floating around the figure, rich jacquards and gilded feathers, hand craft so impeccably Haute Couture.  There is a softness, a somberness, a bitter sweetness to the collection as well, partially because of the intimate setting chosen for the final collection, but possibly also because as we look at these queens, mothers, angels and demons we know it can never be again.   It is that moment before fully waking when the dream is still visible, but slipping through your fingers.  The quiet reflection of a prolific artist, “I’m interested in designing for posterity. People who buy McQueen are going to hand the clothes down to their children, and that’s very rare today.” Alexander McQueen, Harpers Bazaar.

there is talk of a design team taking over the impossible job of McQueen’s genius.  I truly hope these rumours do not come to fruition – they are shoes that can never be filled.

The entire collection, 16 looks.  RIP Alexander McQueen.

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Tsumori Chisato F/W 2010 RTW (P2C2E)

processes too complicated to explain.

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