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New York Times Sunday Magazine

Later today  i will be picking a lucky winner for 2 VIP tickets to go see Train at Webster Hall, part of Origins Rocks Earth Month so if you want to win the tickets, hurry up and send your email entry to iloveyounonetheless@gmail.com — all the entries so far look great, i can’t wait to see if we get any more!  for rules and how to enter check here, and a winner will be announced later today.  good luck!

New York Times Sunday Magazine

New York Times Sunday Magazine

New York Times Sunday Magazine

New York Times Sunday Magazine

New York Times Sunday MagazineNew York Times Magazine celebrates Earth Month with this phenomenal editorial using fauna and flora that goes perfectly with the derived from nature inspired clothing of Spring Summer 2011.

Your Chance to Win!

1 lucky reader and a guest will get 2 VIP passes to the Origins Rocks Earth Month with Train party next Wednesday at Webster Hall!


The tickets include guarantee entry in to the event through VIP entrance, access to the VIP area inclusive of open bar, access to celebrities and high-level guests, mingle with Train and opening act Nikki Jean, as well as (my favorite part) gift bags full of fun samples from Origins!!

How To Enter:  since the party is for Earth Month and this is a fashion blog, i think we should see what some of YOU have done in regards to reworking a non clothing item into something chic and fashion forward.  so wether it is repurposing a pillow case into a mini dress because you loved the print, to taking your graduation cap tassels and turning them into earrings (both things that i’ve done (and the earrings look very LV SS11)) what is the repurposing or reinvention you are most proud of?  include a description of what you did as well as at least one photo of you wearing your item.  i will choose my favorite and put the photo up on my blog on Tuesday.

email your entries to: iloveyounonetheless@gmail.com

This contest is made possible by the awesome and earth friendly people over at Origins

please note: this contest does not include hotel or transportation, so please be able to make it to NYC

i can’t wait to see all of your entries! good luck!

Only Madness Makes Common Sense

my apt is a complete wreck right now as i pack and get ready to move into our new place on Saturday.  of course this is happening while im trying to finish up the new i still love you nyc website, do a bunch of guest video style blogging for a new video blog  (ill tell you more soon) aaand go to a really amazing art show tomorrow night of paintings done by my friend Matthew Palmer, and i have: no space and no unpacked clothes! ha! maybe ill take my wigs and make a cape of my very own…

Make Up Your Mind by Steven Whore //Music: Delta Maid and Ed Harcourt // Concept & Cinematography: Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben




and if you are in NYC, tomorrow night is the Dumbo Gallery Walk and featured at the Rabbithole Gallery is Matthew Palmer’s Deathwish.  i for one am very excited for it.

When speaking about his work, Matthew says, “I use painting to depict the inter-woven relationship between reality and media. Modern cultures’ engagement with technology allows one to blur the lines between fantasy and reality into an interchangeable network.   By using general figures and manipulated icons and situations, I create an environment all its own. Embedded in both the desire for beauty and destruction for what exists and what is culturally constructed.  I employ a satirical, sometimes tongue-in-cheek sarcasm in my paintings to create a playful critique of societal conduct.

Using a clash of colors, styles and generational references, my paintings display energetic and explosive situations.  I combine methods of realism, abstract expressionism, futurism and pop art into a single environment, creating a tension in the space of the painting giving the context plausibility.”

The Queen Lives On

cant stay and chat right now, but let us take a moment to rejoice in Sarah Burton’s brilliance.  if anyone had to take over the Alexander McQueen House, i’m glad it was her.  (even if it took me a minute to realize it :P)

another thing to be excited about is the Alexander McQueen shoes Adam and Linda and i are going to be DIYing on over the next few months for my wedding.  i am not going to talk about that anymore, but just to wet your pallet, enjoy the phenomenal inspiration shoes .

Happy Mondays

been a fan of Nikki Farquharson‘s fashion illustrations for quite some time, but just came across these phenom mixed media collage/illustrations of hers. why am i all of a sudden surrounded by all these walls?  OH. BECAUSE IT’S AMAZE.

how was your weekend?  Mine was interesting.  played beer pong for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.  and guess what?  it wasnt bad.  huh.

i also had to convince my friend to attend the Grammys. Yes, you read that right.  My amazing, wonderful and talented friend Dru Barnes has achieved the great honor of being nominated for a Grammy!  CONGRATS DRU!  and you know what he says to me?!  “Well, i’ve got so much to do with recording.. maybe, if you go with me?!”  i’ll tell you, i am so honored to be invited to attend the Grammy’s — but it does not seem that i can make it, due to the fact that i am going to be in a trade show at the same time that Dru will be there.  So.  Let’s all say together in one very strong, very solemn united blog voice,  DRU, GO TO THE GRAMMYS DAMMIT. IF YOU DON’T YOU’RE LETTING ALL OF US DOWN.  THANKS.  WE LOVE YOU.

thanks guys, i appreciate you saying that with me.

oh, guess what else happened?!  we went to a resto for brunch, and this guy comes in — obviously covered in BED BUG BITES — and tries to have brunch like any other normal non bed bugged dude. well. i left.  and i dont have bed bugs. and i’d say stay away from Harefield Road at least for a few days if i were you, that way if they’ve gotten infested they’ll have enough time to THROW EVERYTHING AWAY.  seriously though, i CANNOT believe i have to say this.  if you have bed bugs. quarantine yourself, you jerk.

anywho, just an FYI i am shooting my look book next week and so i’m going to be pretty busy (what’s new?!) for the next week and a half prepairing for that and what not.  im putting together some serious shiz, you will LOVE. but, if i dont get to chat much in the next few weeks it becuase im shooting and getting ready for the big freaking show ill be a part of soon.  don’t worry, i’ll let you know how you can come and see when its time.

so, lah yah, mean it. cmorr.