Nowness MAC makeup video

phenomenal new film by Mac — absolutely obsessed with the neon makeup, color block nails and the surreal almost Clockwork Orange feel of the vid

i couldn’t get it to embed, so go watch it here : Nowness seriously — do it


Florida nailz

so i swear i will get back to the rest of the traveling abroad – street fashion, gorgeous foods, and my fave stores of London – but at this exact moment i am working on getting all of Spring Summer 2011 where it needs to be (sketching, sewing, mailing, bleeding, pacing, fretting, overcoming, repeat…)  and the moment i have all of my deadlines met i will be back to share it with you!  for now, here are some silly photos i took recently of my new nails.  Adam calls them my florida nails..  i absolutely love this color story, it’s both tropical and nautical and can work with tons of outfits…

i grabbed a bunch of i still love you scarves and wrapped myself in them to make a fun textured piled on look that goes really well…

aaand then i realized they would look great with my 1960’s bathing suit and 1930’s flower embossed swimming cap