The Queen Lives On

cant stay and chat right now, but let us take a moment to rejoice in Sarah Burton’s brilliance.  if anyone had to take over the Alexander McQueen House, i’m glad it was her.  (even if it took me a minute to realize it 😛)

another thing to be excited about is the Alexander McQueen shoes Adam and Linda and i are going to be DIYing on over the next few months for my wedding.  i am not going to talk about that anymore, but just to wet your pallet, enjoy the phenomenal inspiration shoes .

heck yes

omg so remem when i was all like “i still plan on wearing weird mash ups of prints” etc.. (yeah Carrie, it was like 3 hours ago.) well.  Erdem HAS IT.  and sometimes i think i am crazy for wanting to wear things so drastically all over the place!  so.  print mixing.  lace mixing.  crazy times with quirky florals, washed out prints and odd color combos.  AAAAAND they are in super minimal silhouettes!  omg. i am so excited.  i am so freaking about the button up you have no idea.  boobies feel so vulgar lately – high necklines, buttoned up collars, necks themselves being the focus are straight where its at.  (because of the small size of my line production doesnt end until next month, but when it does – YOU will freak.)  gee – am i excited right now?  i tink i ams!  woo hoo!  WHITE AND IVORY!  NAVY AND BLACK!  WEIRDNESS!  LACE!  oh my.

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London Fashion Week : John Rocha

moody. voluminous. chic with a razor blade edge.

Photographs from New York Magazine

Where the Wild Things Went

for when you want to look like you ran thru the woods all night and woke up crumpled in a ball under your bed


Photographs from New York Magazine