the doors (and one hallway)

thinking about color blocking and fashion’s night out (fno for those in the know, yo.) me walking around london last year looking for bright colors to complete my ensemble. that jacket was my jam last summer/fall — you may remem it from last years fno   boom! look at that. using fno like an fno pro.

 this year however i will be wearing items from i still love you nyc — as will my girlfriend Waichi who is spinning the beats over at Ilori (across the street from Chanel, you know, on Spring?)

heheehe.  I Still Love You NYC across the street from Chanel in any capacity is just blowing my mind grapes right now.


anyway — fno.  i’m on the list for the party at Moschino, there’s the Scoop party with my favorite man repeller, obvies i haave to see the always amazing Bear and Cameron at Oak, and Sun Airway are playing a couple songs at Unis… all at the same time!  let’s see, it starts at 6 and it’s — 4:46     !!!!!

that means i should probs go and get dressed, like, NOW!

here, pictures from london. from last year


black kimono sleeve blazer & long back tee (worn backwards) by Hurwundeki // black leather pork pie hat // erre siete owl fringe necklace // jeffrey campbell mary rocks // kiss sunglasses

which color do you like best?  i think my favorite is the


Runway to Retail: Christopher Kane’s Celestial Compass

Christopher Kane Celestial Tees

i am absolutely obsessed with Christopher Kane’s celestial masterpiece of a collection, but the sky high price of $325 for a tee shirt is a little too astronomical for my blood (even if it is an ultra soft, gorgeously printed and beautifully draped tee shirt, why yes — i was visiting them recently at Opening Ceremony — how’d you know?!)  so i am super excited for Jeffery Campbell (our lord and savior) to bring us a down to earth price point shoe that lets a girl feel like she’s walking on sunshine — or galaxies as the case may be!

Jeffrey Campbell Galaxy Lita


Jeffrey Campbell Galaxy WedgeORBIT WEDGE

Jeffrey Campbell Galaxy LitaLITAAAAHHHH

..let’s get a lil more KANE while we’re at it..

Christopher Kane Celestial Tees

i love how she pairs the tee with a sequin bustier! it really makes the sky shimmer.

Christopher Kane Celestial Collectionhey baby, i like your black hole

and just for fun…

Christopher Kane Celestial Collection

Christopher Kane Celestial Collectiongee — getting a girl one of these dresses sure would be a cheeky way to say

“you are my universe”

acid queen

i absolutely love Christopher Kane’s spring summer 2011 it has as much neon, lace (real and laser print), texture and volume a girl could want while still remaining minimal, modern and refined.


i love this whole look (from facehunter) she’s so sexy and edgy and over the top in the most relaxed way possible.  the button up shirt with leather shorts and fanny pack slung across her shoulder.  the ring – i just called Mishka to ask them if they made it.  i am sad to say they didnt, but then we had a nice little talk about how maybe they SHOULD make a ring like this…  also.  check out that freakin weird ass bolo tie too… i think i may have to try to make something like that is so bad ass.

yummy london II

deconstructed salad: wedge of lettuce, carrots, spring onion, whole tomato, cucumber, chili

soft white cheese, walnut, parsley, tomato

grilled seafood plate: whole small trout, calamari, prawn, flaked white fish

pommes frites

grilled kebabs: chicken, lamb, shawarma; onion salad, grilled tomatos

Lebanese coffee

hp and mustards

toad in the hole

mushy peas

bangers and mash

saffron gin and tonics


ham, scotch egg, roast beef

pickled onions, pickled walnuts, pickle

fresh picked lettuce, radish, and young corn, cheeses, meats, pickles, chutneys, baguette

Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer

baked gammon ham joint with cloves


gammon ham joint with grain mustard and quince cheese, new potatoes, fresh picked squash and runner beans (first of the season)

freshly picked blackberry tart with cream

London Street Fashion: Brick Lane

i love love pt. 2

strawbsfromagesstiltoncucumber sammiesolivessalmon and prawn canapéstoffee macadamia nut brownieswhite chocolate buttercream topped lemon cake cupcakes

bob and anna handsjoanna and baby idavictoria n metessakaty and kajsa
anna and the monksbob and marybuddhist monks from milton keynes, the phillips’ have been close with them since they helped get the peace pagoda built in milton keynes

adammattvictoria about to give a speech about the two love birdsquoting the pope?!love the elizabeth and james dressgroup shot!  b and a with all of the “lodgers” during the last 40 years;  ranging 6 houses, 2 countries, 3 states and multiple cities.and then the band playedinto the night…




fast forward




as the night progressed, the party got smaller and smaller, concluding with a 2am kitchen raid and photoshoot.  on the floor.