Saturday, April 17th 2010, San Diego: Let The Night Decide

Tin Can Ale House

Great venue.  Fantastic bands.  i super heart San Diego.


…………..Cuckoo Chaos, Lion Cut, Smile Now Cry Later, Rafter…………..

Cuckoo Chaos

Le Masques

Shoko ❤

Glendon ❤

wall dance

Mike n Eric, awesomeness. they do lighting too haha

panda dance

Lion Cut!!

i’m a falconaire!

Taking a Knee

Tape Deck Mountain

en charge

Smile Now Cry Later

Cassandra wishes she could be so cool

no shoes required

Ze Audience


Don’t count all your blessings before they happen, or they wont happen at all.

Feets, Peas and Homez

i heart tin can

car pile drive home


i am seeing Rafter tonight. ah well, kind of tonight. Saturday night. haha VERY EXCITED.  the whole show.  Rafter.  Lion Cut.  Cuckoo Chaos.  yes.

you get excited too

i like this one too {Fiery Furnaces}

p.s. i love San Diego.  it is beautiful and i am surrounded by music.


im in San Diego.  it is beautiful.  we went to a show last night at Beauty Bar and saw a band called Arrows.  they are rad.  i drank a lot of whiskey.  which is also rad.  we’ve decided to stay in SD thru saturday (sorry coachella) because i love Rafter and they are playing a killer show.  so we stays for it.