shoes // hats  // boys  with LaCroix glasses

what else you need?

♥ jeffery campbell // vintage // rabid fox octopus ring ♥

♥ sister wives and hubsands ♥

♥ photos by Linda Smyth ♥

tis the season

i was listening to too beautiful to live and luke was talking about sufjan stevens’ christmas album.. i’m not into most chrispy music, but i thought this was sweet with its nostaligic animation style and sufjan’s lovely voice which is so unusual for a christmas song..

so i thought i would make a christmas list… haha i dont really care if i get anything.. a lot of what i’m giving to other people is stuff i’ve made which i think is so much more personal… but i have really enjoyed creating gift lists (take a look at this one i did for the frisky!) so i thought what the hej, it is the season.

1. Two tickets to The Book of Mormon

2. Macaroons — i’ve been obsessed with them for over a year now and i’ve still never had one

3. Long leather gloves — warm and elegant and something i’d never buy myself

4. The Jeffery Campbell Lita shoe in beige burgundy fabric — so weird/glam current obsession

5. The Canon PowerShot SD940IS 12.1 Mega Pixel digital camera with wide angle lens — sure i’ve got my wonderful Canon T1I, but sometimes a quick point and shoot is all you need/want

6. We went to Traif recently (a phenomenal resto in Williamsburg) and they had truffle salt rimed drinks. i would put this on everything. amaze.

silly me…

im not sure why when i am in London i feel more free to wear funny/weird/different clothes than i do when i am in nyc.  this is one of the fashion capitals, yet i still wear my black on black go to pieces, my same ratty tank and cut offs, and the 3 fave items of the moment that are usually a little more fun, but are still kinda whatev to me…  idk, maybe y’all would disagree.  maybe its this humid sticky disgusting weather in manhattan that makes me cringe at the thought of fabric on my skin.  maybe its too many clothes in my closet to be able to see clearly and use any imagination when dressing.. i have to say, cool weather plus minimal garment choices do equal fun times.  so.  who knows, maybe ill get rid of a bunch of stuff (yeah right) and hold my breath till fall.

Matthew Williamson scarf as head wrap, vintage printed dress w. shoulder pads (hemmed from super long to super short) gifted blue stained bone necklace, vintage orange stone and brass necklace, 80/20 sandals

suede hat, vintage levi’s jacket (borrowed – REALLLLLY dont want to give back) funny sweater tank also vintage, Kate Moss for Topshop shorts, tights 100 denier by George, my purps – vintage Sam and Libby

suede hat, Hurwundeki tee (worn backwards), Erre Siete owl necklace, i still love you lace bike short, tattered tights, jeffery campbell mary rocks platform wedges