problem areas — we all got em.

mine?  my arms.  always. — always always.  and as i get older they aren’t making it any easier to fit into my favorite ole blazer.  so i’ve started using those little 2 pound weights my mother so thoughtfully got me for Christmas one year, and yeah!  it’s kinda working!

but then.

what is up with the weird flappy arm meets side business?  it’s like a little bum (or tiny front bum) that just sits there, one on each side, just flapping about.  lame!

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so my girlfriend and i were talking and she tells me that her mom uses a ball to work out her pits (and give more lift to her boobs to boot!) and, well, I LOVE MOM TIPS! sooo.. i got a cute little squeeze ball with yin yang on it and i leave it in the living room.  Now every time i see it i have to squeeze it for a minute.

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Photo on 2013-05-01 at 11.08 #2

I am already seeing results!

but — what do you think?   Is it working?!

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More Food Than You Can Shake A Stick At; Yummy Brooklyn

roasted potato leek soup with sour cream (i keep the skins on)“S on an S” kale and salad. (gravy made with potato leek soup)granola makingoil and honeydried apple, walnut, almond and coconut flake granola, chocolate cherry soy ice creamtofu with chipotle goat cheese sauce, zucchini and mushrooms, caramelized red onion and parsnipthe last of the potato leek soup, spicy chipotle onions and tofudouble cut pork chop, onion rings, brussel sproutsobligatory topless winter jenny cream ale shotgunour new neighborscan’t wait to sample some of this goodness! Homemade bbq from the biker boys of the Shopit’s time for the percolator dinner partymushrooms, three types, Williamsburg Farmers Markethave i ever told you, mushrooms are my favorite food?they are.this one reminded me of a hedgehog, and it had a deep earthy flavor unlike anything ive ever had, and while cooking perfumed the entire houselocal potatoes and celery roothairy rootsome beautiful local beefyou say potato, and i say correct! that is a potato!old man celery rooti spent a lot of time photographing these mushrooms.  i was so excited to eat them!  if you have 10 minutes and want your mind blown, take a look at how mushrooms will save the world!itisinside the fuzzy mushroommmmmmmmmmushrooms (and herbes de provence we brought back from france)roasted winter veggies, perfectly cooked roast, mushroomsfam.nacho nacho nachos!savory sweet asian rice puff tower (asian rice krispie treat)regulate.sometimes, this is ALL i need.chicken, fish, taties, and sprouts. nom.Bao, three ways: Tofu, Beef and Pork from Baohaus“Pipeline Chevre” from Vermont lemony and firm. reminded me of birch trees when whole, truffles when i sliced it.way too much steak, organic pasta and brussel sproutsbreakfast of championsketel one vodka.. what is this, ice?roasted peppersfreshly pickled: tomats and half soursKarnatzlacklove, Sammy’s style“jewish olive oil” ie, chicken fatlatkes and applesaucewhole roasted chickenhomemade potato chipsRomanian SteakSalmon Steak a smattering of delights, Sammy’s Romanian Steak Housesteak n potatoa voice like Sinatra, a face like Dr Steve Brulesomewhere between a pancake and a cookie these chocolate chip treats liveeggcream action shotsuper dense foamSammy’s Romanian Steak Houseroasted banana and cream cheese stuffed french toast with apple, pear, and slivered almond compote. bacon.homemade mac a cheeegg drop soup

old timey new york (super yummy brooklyn)

as per saturdays conversation….Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New Yorksalmon, capers, red onion and cream cheese on pumpernickel bread

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New YorkBrie and crackers

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New Yorkold fashion Manhattans with Rittenhouse Rye

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New YorkQuail eggs with creme fraiche and caviar (aka tiny eggs with tinier eggs on them)

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New York

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New YorkArtichokes with hollandaise sauce

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New Yorkipad holder

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New Yorkaka artichoke leaves holder

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New YorkLobster, scallop and porcini mushroom pot pie

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New York

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New York

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New YorkSeared buffalo au poivre,  baby spinach salad with homemade salad dressing

Yummy homemade food cooked with friends in Brooklyn New YorkCookie making cupboard!

Christmas OrnamentsChristmas Lobster

NutcrackersA motley crew of nutcrakers

Nutcrackers(One of) my favorite’s is the Squirrel King….

Nutcrackers… and this dapper chap.

saturday night

tonight we dine with our very good friends, Ciaran and Rachel. Ciaran has probably influenced you without your knowledge as he is, you know, kinda a big deal in that whole advert world.. anywho, we are having dins together tonight, and i thought you guys would enjoy his invitation.


Wanted to find out if you guys were still up for dinner tonight – we
certainly hope so.  The theme for the menu, as discussed, is old New
York; it should be a fun meal.  I’ve been trying to track down a
description of a dinner party in the 1920s I read in a history class
but I can’t find it.  It involved a huge dinner table with a pond in
the middle – a real pond.  Inside the pond there were live swans – how
cool would it be if they were black swans?  Strangely enough, when I
think about that type of nonsensical excess and one-upmanship two
words come to mind: hip, hop.

Hope to see you tonight!


have a great weekend guys!! xococo

Chic Travelers; Manhattan

it’s almost T-Gives (best holiday EVER) so i thought some chic travelers would be appropriate.  There is nothing like luxe luggage to say chic, but when it’s paired with a elbow patch blazer (him) and phenom riding boots (her) there is just no way to go wrong!

i can’t wait for thanksgiving!  it is my favorite holiday.. i love cooking with my mother, family coming and going, the crisp fall air in Rhode Island, trying new recipes and bring out old favorites.. my aunt and grandmother have both moved to RI recently, and we now all get to have an unhurried time together.. laughing and drinking wine, sampling cheeses and keeping the boys out of the kitchen. we never eat until later in the evening, as i’ve been brought up appreciating the time it take to cook things, not just feeling like we must rush to eat by 1pm. after i think we are going to watch despicable me, eat a bunch of pie (my aunt nancy makes the BEST pecan pie EVER) and pass out on the couch, swearing we will never eat another bite. until the next day, when we’ll make the leftover sammies!

do you have traditions you celebrate with your family or friends around thanksgiving? anything you can’t wait to do again, or never again? recipes you want to share? tell me — i want to know!!