unicorn hair if you care

silver to blue hair

i am so in love with my new hair — blue to silver ombre yesssss

my main man Barton over at Nick Arrojo did it




im doing some personal styling in long island today, so i cant stay n chat, just wanted your opinion real quick.

needing to get my hair cut, wanting this style for years (before it had the awful name it goes by these days)  based on a boys cut and not too far off from what i’ve had before….  nomnomnom……  what do you think?!

gotta make my appointment with my girl Rachel over at nick arrojo asapz!

new hairs

aaaaaaaaaa little granny purple mixed int the blonde and silverrrrrrrr

fffffffish and chips sits on my headdddddd

iiiiiiinhale my cattttttt

eeeeeeeating tonsssssss

jacquard hounds tooth scarf & batik cotton dress both from Strawberry (fo real?!) found on separate occasions  // vintage metal and rope belt // floral tights // vintage velvet fleur de lis driving shoes

Sheer Bliss

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I love the playful quality of the I Still Love You sheer halter mullet dress sandwiched between a slate blue silk dress and sheer mullet top.  When Leah got dressed, she started skipping around and the layers fluttered so beautifully, that even though it was snowing outside, for a minute we were in the midst of a perfect spring day.  there is nothing so happy as a flirty dress in spring.

I Still Love You NYCI Still Love You NYCI Still Love You NYCI Still Love You NYC

Leah wears I Still Love You’s sheer floral mullet top over pieced sheer paisley and floral  halter dress and slate blue silk halter dress // twisted turban headband // 2 large feather hair clips

Designer, Creative and Art Direction: Carrie Morrissey

Photographer: Patrick Blake of Brain Gravy Creative

Style Oversight: Tina Nguyen

Makeup: Leilani  Sunglao //  Hair: Alice Shiels and Anya Krotova

Model: Leah Michelle


hair to there

i just discovered Charlie Le Mindu – a French hairdresser who creates wigs and clothes out of human hair.  these things are phenomenal.  not only are they disturbingly sexy, they also have a awkward quirkiness that makes them quite endearing.  in past lines he has worked with macabre themes such as skulls and bondage, but his most recent collection is quite playful – horses and flamingos, beautiful pastel pinks and neon acid yellow, leopard and fringe.  and what a bold statement to have completely naked models strutting down the runway.  i guess he knows what he wants you to look at.