Yummy France

bruschetta: prosciutto, goat cheese, olives // cherry tomat, olive, Roquefort fresh baguette, camembertdisheslunchsea foodsroly poly fish headssquidshamspiesapple and dried plum tartjars of lusciousnesslocal sausage, pommes frites, ratatouille, salad with Hollandaise saucepistachio ice creamserious hamsome of the best pizza i have ever tastedespresso and beer at McDohssausagesit’s how i eat stuffwine with friendsGratin de pommesafter a long day of gallivantingit’s time to eatvegetarian soupgetting dirty with gummiesquiches: vegetarian // lorrainequiche with seasoned potatoes and string beans

in the village of Avezac, on the way to the bar tabac

in the tiny village we were staying there was only one bar.  not that we went there often, due to the mass quantities of wine we were coming home with every day.  oh, french wine, how i love you..  but on a cool and overcast evening we decided to check out the the local bar tabac, meandering through the empty streets,  climbing up a rocky hill to look at a tower built in the middle ages on the way..

Praise the Lourdes

on our way to Spain we stopped in Lourdes to visit the caves and see what all the fuss was about.   religious paraphernalia as far as the eye can see.  it was incredibly surreal…

decapitated jesusa very classy hotelVictoria walking into Lourdes, wearing I Still Love You harem pantsMaryin any size you likefor the childrenfor the countryfor the sparklestea timereligious opulencethe grand cathedralholy water

p.s.  i KNOW ive been gone too long, i have sooo much to tell you about!  one more day in the UK – going to Brick Lane today, one of my FAVE parts of London, going to do a little shopping at a few local stores that i LOVE….  i have some AMAZING photos of France – the fashion, the country side, the Tour; St Sebastian Spain – one of the most exquisite sunsets ive ever seen, super fun street fashion and some phenomenal food; and then MORE LONDON STREET FASHION to share with you!!!  stay tuned



so there is no internet here in the French country side – amazingly enough my technology addicted friends and i are able to have a blast without pulling up youtube every 10 seconds!  haha we are actually sitting at McDonald’s  right now using their WIFI… i will write more later, for now enjoy the view from outside our chateau..


i love love

today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Adam’s parents Bob and Anna.  to find two people who are still madly in love after so many years is so wonderful (and unusual in this day and age!)  we will have elderflower champagne, cucumber sandwiches, and dancing – into the night i imagine.  people have been coming in all week from around the world and we will all ascend on the party with presents, stories and giddy anticipation.  then tomorrow Adam and i fly to France, where we will spend the next week with a few close friends in the country side…  aah, love.  i love it.

Lily Cole for Moschino I Love Love