Perfect fall sweater, Manhattan

i love the look of this batwing extra long cardi — it looks like it would be the most cozy wonderful piece to wear as the weather cools. paired with the opaque tights and motorcycle boots, it;s an easy peasy look that can look amazing on just about anyone.  (also, don’t you just love his french terry coat? bundle me in one of them yes please!)

Karl! WTF?!

i have heard some people refer to the Chanel Fall Winter 2010 collection as a social statement about the injustices of global warming.  The ice caps melting on the runway, the models walking thru water in towering heels, their complete fur ensembles getting soaked (and possibly ruined) during the show.  That interpretation is complete and utter ridiculousness.  Half of the clothes were completely unwearable, and as much as i am enjoying this fur heavy season, the extravagant use of fur seemed extremely pointless and wasteful, more of an exhibition of excess than any sort of world conscious political statement.  Where as Topshop Unique was inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, Chanel just knocked the monsters off.