saturday night

tonight we dine with our very good friends, Ciaran and Rachel. Ciaran has probably influenced you without your knowledge as he is, you know, kinda a big deal in that whole advert world.. anywho, we are having dins together tonight, and i thought you guys would enjoy his invitation.


Wanted to find out if you guys were still up for dinner tonight – we
certainly hope so.  The theme for the menu, as discussed, is old New
York; it should be a fun meal.  I’ve been trying to track down a
description of a dinner party in the 1920s I read in a history class
but I can’t find it.  It involved a huge dinner table with a pond in
the middle – a real pond.  Inside the pond there were live swans – how
cool would it be if they were black swans?  Strangely enough, when I
think about that type of nonsensical excess and one-upmanship two
words come to mind: hip, hop.

Hope to see you tonight!


have a great weekend guys!! xococo