Runway to Retail: Christopher Kane’s Celestial Compass

Christopher Kane Celestial Tees

i am absolutely obsessed with Christopher Kane’s celestial masterpiece of a collection, but the sky high price of $325 for a tee shirt is a little too astronomical for my blood (even if it is an ultra soft, gorgeously printed and beautifully draped tee shirt, why yes — i was visiting them recently at Opening Ceremony — how’d you know?!)  so i am super excited for Jeffery Campbell (our lord and savior) to bring us a down to earth price point shoe that lets a girl feel like she’s walking on sunshine — or galaxies as the case may be!

Jeffrey Campbell Galaxy Lita


Jeffrey Campbell Galaxy WedgeORBIT WEDGE

Jeffrey Campbell Galaxy LitaLITAAAAHHHH

..let’s get a lil more KANE while we’re at it..

Christopher Kane Celestial Tees

i love how she pairs the tee with a sequin bustier! it really makes the sky shimmer.

Christopher Kane Celestial Collectionhey baby, i like your black hole

and just for fun…

Christopher Kane Celestial Collection

Christopher Kane Celestial Collectiongee — getting a girl one of these dresses sure would be a cheeky way to say

“you are my universe”

hey baby, whats your sign

a stunning and surreal editorial journey through the zodiac calendar featuring designers including Alexander McQueen, Lanvin and Christopher Kane

Vogue UK // Photographer: Tim Gutt // Model: Siri Tollerod // Stylist: Kate Phelan // Set Designer: Shona Heath

images are from Fashion Gone Rogue

acid queen

i absolutely love Christopher Kane’s spring summer 2011 it has as much neon, lace (real and laser print), texture and volume a girl could want while still remaining minimal, modern and refined.