problem areas — we all got em.

mine?  my arms.  always. — always always.  and as i get older they aren’t making it any easier to fit into my favorite ole blazer.  so i’ve started using those little 2 pound weights my mother so thoughtfully got me for Christmas one year, and yeah!  it’s kinda working!

but then.

what is up with the weird flappy arm meets side business?  it’s like a little bum (or tiny front bum) that just sits there, one on each side, just flapping about.  lame!

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so my girlfriend and i were talking and she tells me that her mom uses a ball to work out her pits (and give more lift to her boobs to boot!) and, well, I LOVE MOM TIPS! sooo.. i got a cute little squeeze ball with yin yang on it and i leave it in the living room.  Now every time i see it i have to squeeze it for a minute.

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I am already seeing results!

but — what do you think?   Is it working?!

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tis the season

i was listening to too beautiful to live and luke was talking about sufjan stevens’ christmas album.. i’m not into most chrispy music, but i thought this was sweet with its nostaligic animation style and sufjan’s lovely voice which is so unusual for a christmas song..

so i thought i would make a christmas list… haha i dont really care if i get anything.. a lot of what i’m giving to other people is stuff i’ve made which i think is so much more personal… but i have really enjoyed creating gift lists (take a look at this one i did for the frisky!) so i thought what the hej, it is the season.

1. Two tickets to The Book of Mormon

2. Macaroons — i’ve been obsessed with them for over a year now and i’ve still never had one

3. Long leather gloves — warm and elegant and something i’d never buy myself

4. The Jeffery Campbell Lita shoe in beige burgundy fabric — so weird/glam current obsession

5. The Canon PowerShot SD940IS 12.1 Mega Pixel digital camera with wide angle lens — sure i’ve got my wonderful Canon T1I, but sometimes a quick point and shoot is all you need/want

6. We went to Traif recently (a phenomenal resto in Williamsburg) and they had truffle salt rimed drinks. i would put this on everything. amaze.