I Still Love You NYC Featured on the Internets

I Still Love You NYC has been showing up all over the internets recently — an interview on the ridiculously cool style blog


aaaaand on the gorgous lifestyle blog

And Christina

in an incredibly sexy shoot by my BGC boy Patrick Blake

so exciting to see I Still Love You NYC out and about in the real world!


2009-2011 In Motion

i am both saddened and excited about the closing of one of my favorite boutiques, Topstitch Boutique.  sad for pretty obvious reasons, but excited because i know this is just the beginning of lots of new things to come from the amazingly talented and trend savvy ladies.  Tina and Linda, two of my most favoritest people, two of the hugest reasons i even have my own line, have inspired me, focused me, pushed me and held me (depending what the circumstance called for) in ways that i will be eternally grateful.

if you are in the philly area this evening, please join me to celebrate the works that Brain Gravy Creative, Topstitch Boutique and I Still Love You have collaborated on over the last few years.  Follow the journey through stop motion animated girls getting “tried on” by their clothes, see swirls of ladies working it down the runway of the Topstitch Boutique Holiday 2009 fashion show hosted by Rose Luardo and Guns Garcia.  Witness the glamazons of I Still Love You’s 3 part trilogy (redundant, what?!) slithering across the screen.  I am positive you will enjoy them, at least half us much as we enjoyed making them.

see you tonight


The Morning After…

I Still Love You NYC and Brain Gravy Creative have been getting it on good for the last few months as you probably know…  as BGC said themselves, there was courtshipconsummation and now, the morning after.  no walk of shame necessary .

watch on full screen, you’ll thank me

♥♥♥ISLYNYC hearts BGC, um, forever.♥♥♥

girls on film

I Still Love You NYC Brain Gravy Creative Spring Summer 2011 Film

hi there,

it’s been a while.  i apologize.  we’ve been moving which of course takes up more time than one wants to allow for — as does making a f#&%@g website.. so, because i just cannot stand it any more, without further ado, i would like to present to you the I Still Love You NYC Spring Summer 2011 film by I Still Love You NYC and Benjamin Webb of Brain Gravy Creative.  Enjoy. (and watch in full screen)


Film by Benjamin Webb of Brain Gravy Creative in collaboration with I Still Love You NYC
Stylist: Tina Nguyen
Makeup: Leilani Sunglao // Hair: Alice Shiels and Anya Krotova
Models: Thea Carley and Leah Michelle

Stop, You’re Beautiful.

I Still Love You NYC

I am very excited to tell you that the brand new I Still Love You NYC website is almost finished!  We have the film ready and hanging in the corridors just waiting to amaze and delight you. You. Will. Love.  While we finish everything up, please enjoy this teaser (love letter?) from Brain Gravy Creative, and i’ll tell you what.  Those words at the end?  I meant every one.

love you.

Daily Fix: I Still Love You Spring Summer 2011

short cluster feather hair clip // black lace button down with crinkle poly pockets,  placket and collar // brass and copper fringe choker // black silk shantung drape short

silk cotton blend scarf as side braid turban // white silk button down // brass and copper ladder choker // large leaf print cotton drape short


I Still Love You

Designer, Creative and Art Direction: Carrie Morrissey

Photographer: Patrick Blake of Brain Gravy Creative

Style Oversight: Tina Nguyen

Makeup: Leilani  Sunglao //  Hair: Alice Shiels and Anya Krotova

Models: Thea Carley and Leah Michelle

and don’t forget!

Film to come by I Still Love You and Benjamin Webb of Brain Gravy Creative

The View From The Shoot

Manhattan Bridge View from Dumbo

So Tuesday’s shoot turned out really perfectly.  not snow, nor early rising, nor an incredibly packed 9 hour shoot could deter my team from giving it their all, and i have to say, when you have a good team, there is no way to go wrong.  Of course, this is a teaser post — sorry! — because obvies you don’t get to see anything till it;s all done, but know that Spring Summer 2011 I Still Love You Look Book is on it’s way, to be shown first, right here at I Love YOU Nonetheless.  aaand the film will hopefully* coincide with the launching of a new I Still Love You website. but we’ll see.  there is a lot of programing that has to go into the site still. merr.

also, i’ve been asked how you can purchase articles from my line, and very soon there will be an online shop precisely for that! so, hooray!

Manhattan Bridge View from Dumbo

*Promises made while blogging cannot be used as evidence against me in a court of law and are not intended to be end all be all statements.

(love you!)