Shadow Dancer

before the Met Gala, fashion maven Daphne Guinness dressed in front of a crowd in an ethereal art installation at Barney’s.  Starting in an Alexander Lee McQueen jumpsuit, head shrouded in a silk scarf, she moved behind a partially opaque pain of glass; turning getting dressed in her Sarah Burton McQueen feather gown into a choreographed dance that was watched by a massive crowd on the street..

Celebrating Earth Month with Origins and Train

wednesday night was a spectacular evening spent with Origins, Train and a bunch of earth conscious celebs who had some really great ideas of how to live a greener and more sustainable life.

in the press box i was joined by the adorable Jessica Lapidos, Fashion Editor over at Fashion Indie — i loooove her bold mix of prints and color.

there was also Glambassador Stephanie Mattera who’s pretty shoulder detail dress is one of those great staple pieces that can  go from day to evening seamlessly

so while we were all playing with each others clothes the celebs started making their way in … the chaps from Treetop Flyers poped in from across the pond to support the event — and they were nice enough to stay and perform too!

Treetop FlyersTreetop Flyers and Jane LauderHere Jane Lauder, Global President & General Manager of Origins poses for photos with the band.  As the head Origins, Jane has worked incredibly hard to keep her company ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability. She’s planting trees, recycling tons of used makeup containers, and continuing to ensure Origins is completely natural.

she also looks incredibly chic in a color blocked silk tank and massive stone necklace

next up, babykins Kelli Tomashoff who’s first single, “Gave Up On Love” just dropped and is already at #4 on the Billboard Dance Charts!

she may be able to make the city dance, but they aint letting her drink!

Kelli Tomashoff and Dalal Bruchmann

Kelli  arrived with fellow partner in crime and pop force to be reckoned with, Dalal Bruchmann, who beyond being completely adorbs, told me about her work with wildlife charities as well as growing up as a classically trained musician in Austria.  these two were totally a few of my favorite things.Dalal BruchmannDalal BruchmannDalal Bruchmann

MC for the evening Jeff Miles, from radio station 95.5 PLJ, looks great in a classic oxford and flat front jean/trouser — sloppy men, please take note.
he also told us how moving to NYC from Dallas has made his carbon footprint reduce in size drastically due to no longer needing a car.  yay public transport!

Nikki Jean

Nikki Jean graced the green carpet before running back stage to get ready to perform.  before she scooted, we talked sustainability, her new album, and youtube.  As someone who’s been on tour for the last few years, living in a world of quick and disposable, Nikki has outfitted her tour bus with a drinking water tank, eliminating the need for all those bottles of water.  As for the new album, recording took her around the country to write with some of the greatest living songwriters like Bob DylanCarole KingBurt BacharachCarly Simon to name a few.  But big names are not a new thing in Nikki’s life, she’s already been on tour with Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, the latter of whom helped her get her start.  Nikki JeanNikki Jeanthose cheek bones could cut through ice

Jackson Harris

Jackson HarrisCutie Jackson Harris wearing a washed leather jacket from H&M that could have easily been from D2Squared

Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez, Co-host on BET’s 106 & Park, looking amazeballs in Kimberly Ovitz

Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez

Julissa Bermudez and Adrienne BailonJulissa was joined by ::meow:: x-Cheeta Girl Adrienne Bailon — both rocking Springs hot all white trend

Julissa Bermudez and Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne BailonAdrienne BailonAdrienne BailonI love her side cut out details in the dress as well as the massive glass bubble necklace

Adrienne Bailonhere Adrienne tells eco-blogger April Trigg about how changing over lightbulbs in her house and tour bus have really helped make her life greener.
April TriggApril Trigg
i love April’s yellow silk dress and zipper detail jacket
next Train came running through — for a bunch of guys who live on tour, they were some of the happiest and energetic musicians i’ve met.  And when i asked them how it felt to to play sold out stadium shows, they told me “We couldn’t be more grateful for our success, it’s been a wild ride.”
Some hot studding action by Trenesa and Reagan of Origins
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Open wine bar provided by Sequoia Grove
Origins Rocks Earth Month

some well dressed guests
Origins Rocks Earth Month
when the lights came down and Train came on, i was not sure what to be in store for, and i will tell you right now — THESE MEN CAN PERFORM.  bounding across the stage and belting out lyrics, Train had the entire audience dancing and smiling, until Pat Monahan put down the microphone and started singing acapella, his voice reaching the way backs of Webster Hall;  then we were just blown away.
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
i love Dari’s hot pink lipstick ::obsessed::
Origins Rocks Earth Month
jeffery campbell fan club
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Month
Origins Rocks Earth Monthi love this shawl collar and wide stripe cardigan.  very dapper
Origins Rocks Earth Month
combo of open wine bar and 5″ heels did make me understand why one may want to be carried down stairs…..Origins Rocks Earth Monthbody gard.
Origins Rocks Earth Monthfinding the afterparty…
Origins Rocks Earth Monthand the gift bag!  Really great products from Origins, a sturdy tote great for groceries and some pirate booty, cause who doesnt like snacks?!

Your Chance to Win!

1 lucky reader and a guest will get 2 VIP passes to the Origins Rocks Earth Month with Train party next Wednesday at Webster Hall!


The tickets include guarantee entry in to the event through VIP entrance, access to the VIP area inclusive of open bar, access to celebrities and high-level guests, mingle with Train and opening act Nikki Jean, as well as (my favorite part) gift bags full of fun samples from Origins!!

How To Enter:  since the party is for Earth Month and this is a fashion blog, i think we should see what some of YOU have done in regards to reworking a non clothing item into something chic and fashion forward.  so wether it is repurposing a pillow case into a mini dress because you loved the print, to taking your graduation cap tassels and turning them into earrings (both things that i’ve done (and the earrings look very LV SS11)) what is the repurposing or reinvention you are most proud of?  include a description of what you did as well as at least one photo of you wearing your item.  i will choose my favorite and put the photo up on my blog on Tuesday.

email your entries to:

This contest is made possible by the awesome and earth friendly people over at Origins

please note: this contest does not include hotel or transportation, so please be able to make it to NYC

i can’t wait to see all of your entries! good luck!

Happy Mondays

been a fan of Nikki Farquharson‘s fashion illustrations for quite some time, but just came across these phenom mixed media collage/illustrations of hers. why am i all of a sudden surrounded by all these walls?  OH. BECAUSE IT’S AMAZE.

how was your weekend?  Mine was interesting.  played beer pong for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.  and guess what?  it wasnt bad.  huh.

i also had to convince my friend to attend the Grammys. Yes, you read that right.  My amazing, wonderful and talented friend Dru Barnes has achieved the great honor of being nominated for a Grammy!  CONGRATS DRU!  and you know what he says to me?!  “Well, i’ve got so much to do with recording.. maybe, if you go with me?!”  i’ll tell you, i am so honored to be invited to attend the Grammy’s — but it does not seem that i can make it, due to the fact that i am going to be in a trade show at the same time that Dru will be there.  So.  Let’s all say together in one very strong, very solemn united blog voice,  DRU, GO TO THE GRAMMYS DAMMIT. IF YOU DON’T YOU’RE LETTING ALL OF US DOWN.  THANKS.  WE LOVE YOU.

thanks guys, i appreciate you saying that with me.

oh, guess what else happened?!  we went to a resto for brunch, and this guy comes in — obviously covered in BED BUG BITES — and tries to have brunch like any other normal non bed bugged dude. well. i left.  and i dont have bed bugs. and i’d say stay away from Harefield Road at least for a few days if i were you, that way if they’ve gotten infested they’ll have enough time to THROW EVERYTHING AWAY.  seriously though, i CANNOT believe i have to say this.  if you have bed bugs. quarantine yourself, you jerk.

anywho, just an FYI i am shooting my look book next week and so i’m going to be pretty busy (what’s new?!) for the next week and a half prepairing for that and what not.  im putting together some serious shiz, you will LOVE. but, if i dont get to chat much in the next few weeks it becuase im shooting and getting ready for the big freaking show ill be a part of soon.  don’t worry, i’ll let you know how you can come and see when its time.

so, lah yah, mean it. cmorr.

power performers

ok. boo to this. the whole reason i just wrote this now will not upload. it did at first and now it wont. FML.

go watch nicki minaj being rad. building an empire. and looking smoking hot the whole time. i love all of her amazing wigs, especially the kind of acid washed multi tone pink wedge, and her super hero costume?! she could rescue me any time!


(i know the vma’s were in september) but lady gaga in the Alexander McQueen gown, armadillo shoes, and Philip Treacy headpiece at the VMAs was amazing — you can see her walk by in nicki’s video, she has the most phenom hair color here.

certain people have been hating, like the author of an article for StyleFrizz who wrote “I highly appreciate any public highlight of anything McQueen, Gaga’s attempts at being different smell like fame desperation, thus not honoring McQueen’s memory in my opinion. Where others see art in Gaga, I see nothing genuine / original. Posing as a “special” someone doesn’t necessarily make her one too. It’s all a stage game. The Fame game. Please, Gaga, enough McQueen already!”

i disagree. i think the person who wrote this doesn’t like zee lady gaga for,idk, whatever reason they need. the truth is she pulls this look off fantastically, just like she does with everything she wears. she experiments with design in a way we haven’t seen since David Bowie and Brian Eno. it’s weird acid trip glam with a big dose of f you in it, designed by r mutt. i want to know where the author of that statement thinks all the clothes come from. obviously she works with designers and stylists, but it’s not like they all got together before she was a big deal and said “let’s make her famous.” there isn’t some larger force saying “laaaaaady gaaagaaaa wear avant garde clothing and we’ll make you faaaaamous!” it isn’t happening. the fact that this person says gaga is “dishonoring” McQueen by wearing his gown is just an inflammatory statement. how could anyone who not only wore, but impeccably rocked the look, exposing it to millions of viewers be dishonor?! to say she does this alone is absurd, but a professional team does not a fashion icon undo. nor does it mean she has nothing to do with it. she has worked with small designers all along her career, and has brought quite a few of them up with her. what budding artist have you seen wearing McQueen or any other real designer? non. why? cause they cant get their hands on it.

i’d like to know what the author would suggest lady gaga do differently to make herself actually “special.” suggestions please? because obviously that’s why such a statement was written, right? because the author has some insight to offer? not just because someone doesn’t like lady dada gaga and therefore is personally upset that gaga and not she gets to wear McQueen / be successful / get 8 VMA awards.

the girl likes to wear wild clothes. now she has the ability to do it. get over it. thanks.

we should be celebrating the people who dare to push fashion boundaries especially when they inspire so many other people to do the same. rarely if ever have there been main stream artists who’ve pushed esthetics into such bizarre-o territory. there are tons of performers making due with what they have to create something new or fashion forward, who’s biggest wish is to one day work with major designers. but we all have to come from somewhere, don’t we?  if nothing else, she is broadening americas visual pallet. and that’s not something to huff at.