2009-2011 In Motion

i am both saddened and excited about the closing of one of my favorite boutiques, Topstitch Boutique.  sad for pretty obvious reasons, but excited because i know this is just the beginning of lots of new things to come from the amazingly talented and trend savvy ladies.  Tina and Linda, two of my most favoritest people, two of the hugest reasons i even have my own line, have inspired me, focused me, pushed me and held me (depending what the circumstance called for) in ways that i will be eternally grateful.

if you are in the philly area this evening, please join me to celebrate the works that Brain Gravy Creative, Topstitch Boutique and I Still Love You have collaborated on over the last few years.  Follow the journey through stop motion animated girls getting “tried on” by their clothes, see swirls of ladies working it down the runway of the Topstitch Boutique Holiday 2009 fashion show hosted by Rose Luardo and Guns Garcia.  Witness the glamazons of I Still Love You’s 3 part trilogy (redundant, what?!) slithering across the screen.  I am positive you will enjoy them, at least half us much as we enjoyed making them.

see you tonight



i am seeing Rafter tonight. ah well, kind of tonight. Saturday night. haha VERY EXCITED.  the whole show.  Rafter.  Lion Cut.  Cuckoo Chaos.  yes.

you get excited too

i like this one too {Fiery Furnaces}

p.s. i love San Diego.  it is beautiful and i am surrounded by music.

General Elektriks, Santos Party House

this was one of the best live shows i’ve seen in a while… rollicking, pozzie, and high energy. also, a lot of jumping, like, a lot a lot.  A+

music videos: