loving the bad guys; 1970’s

there are some really incredible documentaries about new york and the burrows in the 1970’s.  it is insane to think of the anarchy that was all over the streets.  gangs of teenagers killing each other,  hoes looking for johns on every corner, poor people living in half torn down buildings,  and most people being afraid to come out of their homes because of the violence.  if you are interested in more about the history of Manhattan and its (now) beautiful burrows, check out 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s, it is unbelievably eye opening.

however, as terrible as this all was, (and we should never forget that lest it happen again,) bitches did be looking good.  i understand that the documentaries about this time were not made for the fashion, but the aviator sunglasses, daisy dukes, studded jackets, platform shoes and gold cadillacs are fantastic, and i am a sucker for a bad boy……….