Philly Street Style: Sexy Dorky Cool

Philly Street Stylecan we discuss how amazing Phalla looks here? where should we start — the draped acid washed vest and purple daisy dukes? –the amazeballs platforms?  — the giant heart and giant tattoo?  maybe we’ll just say it’s the glasses and hot pink lips that make this whole look perf. i give you two dayum girls up!

photo by William the Barber


whilst in philly…


friday // feather hair clip // navy blazer // maui and sons shark tee // giant tiny short shorts // stolen shoes from linders

saturday // sunglasses // feather clip // vintage brocade jacket (totally linders) // vintage sheer floral dress // vintage belt // jeffery campbell carpet bagger litas

♥ photos by tina nguyen  ♥



♥ weekends in philly…. Topstitch Friday and Concrete Polish Saturday. ♥

♥ fashion gangs and crystal covered rings, LA lights and sequin covered Virgin Mary  ♥





The Morning After…

I Still Love You NYC and Brain Gravy Creative have been getting it on good for the last few months as you probably know…  as BGC said themselves, there was courtshipconsummation and now, the morning after.  no walk of shame necessary .

watch on full screen, you’ll thank me

♥♥♥ISLYNYC hearts BGC, um, forever.♥♥♥

Stop, You’re Beautiful.

I Still Love You NYC

I am very excited to tell you that the brand new I Still Love You NYC website is almost finished!  We have the film ready and hanging in the corridors just waiting to amaze and delight you. You. Will. Love.  While we finish everything up, please enjoy this teaser (love letter?) from Brain Gravy Creative, and i’ll tell you what.  Those words at the end?  I meant every one.

love you.

grey and gold

giant faux fur hat // cheapy sunglasses // leather patchwork scarf // print drape scarf from ASOS // tie dye mini mullet dress // mustard tights // vintage french grey leather boots  (i had been wearing a leather fringe merkin with fox tail detail – but the dog kept going after it so i had to take it off haha)

photos taken by my amazing friend, Benjamin Webb and all clothes borrowed from my most beautiful and amazing friend, Linda Smyth of Rabid Fox and Fleathers and her massive closet of wonderment ❤