Ta Ta Ta Touch Me


Durex has come out with a new item that might just help long distance relationships and those lonely business trips…  what do you think — would you use these “Fundawear?!”



Mi Amore!

i love you nonetheless i miss you

 do you miss me as much as i miss you?!  did you know i am getting married in t-minus 5 weeks?!  eeeeep!!  and i also am in the middle of making a huge order of lace bike shorts, cause dem shix be fyne.  but i love you.  i think of you oft.

i have so many photos to share with you.  i have so many secrets to whisper in your ear.  but for now, please just enjoy a few rando images that i have on my messy ass desktop.

i love you nonetheless i miss you

i love you nonetheless i miss you

i love you nonetheless i miss you

i see you in 3D


who’s black and light and print all over?  LINDERS!

norse wind god

the artist formally known as printz

eyes / lies

did you know raves are happening again?

they are

Linder wears  Mink Pink bustier, thief & BANDIT crop tee, some sort of rad shorts from Vagabond i thiiiink :: Vien and i are in vintage from neck to ankle