Shave and a Haircut: 2 Bits

been mostly head down working on the creative (fun) part of designing for the last few days, but i thought i’d share a quick image of my shaved head — did this to myself a few months ago, inspired by my faves — Die Antwoord, my friend told me last night i look like i’ve got a skin colored headband on haha… tomorrow i’ve got an appointment at Nick Arrojo Studio HOPEFULLY to get a nice slate grey/blonde hair color that i’ve been working towards for like 3 years now…. but what do you think, should i keep the sides natural?  i kinda like the drastic color difference…

so, in my studio, no makeup, reflections from crystals on my face, vintage scarf, hand dyed silk cardigan and Alexander McQueen dress

Jeremy Laing

i wasnt old enough in the early 90’s to recognize fashion history;  Isaac Mizrahi’s giant shoulders and flamboyant colors getting trumped by Marc Jacobs grunge and Calvin Klein’s heroin chic minimalism.  but this season is producing a lot of ultra minimal long lean silhouettes in leather, linnen, silk and sheer.  and as much as i love to pile on the textures and print mixing, quirky color combinations, severe Balmain shoulders and tons of jewelry, i am incredibly excited about the breath of fresh air coming in.  Jeremy Laing has been one of my favorites so far, instead of cold modernism there is an organic quality that makes his pieces seem ultra wearable and unpretentious.  his models are wearing fluid pieces of fabric draped just so to create modern lines infused with femininity.  and the jewelry to die for – incredibly on trend – giant iridescent crosses and rectangles tied to leather and suede strips.  endlessly wearable, comfortable, chic.

images are from

moving in shadows

Marilyn Manson in an AMAZING cape

Falconiere Chest Plate Necklace

Chau Har Lee A/W 2010 PlatformDark Mode Silver and Methacrylate NecklaceAkkesoir Python and Chain Fanny Pack / Shoulder BagSevan Bicakci Diamonds and Topaz Virgin Mary RingBalmain Leather Jacket
Victor and Rolf Platform WedgeElena Ghisellini Distressed Calfskin Trolley Luggage

shoez i makes em

so.  ive been seeing these boots on an internet a lot recently and then my gurl jacci posted a bunch of photos on her blog (booyeah! – being perf is hard ((for most peeps, not jacci))) anywho, ive been having a really busy slash productive week – which i LOVE – and so yesterday when i was cleaning and organizing i found a pair of cowboy boots i havent worn in years and decided to make my own pair of funny boots

***warning*** chains make shoes HEAVY – i recommend a. not trekking ACROSS manhattan the FIRST day you wear them b. maybe getting insoles and c. yeah, get insoles.

but ill tell you what, i don care how heavy they are cause dayum i like em

i wanted to wear them with a maxi skirt (cause im obsessed) but i din have one that worked..  but this did..

same vintage hat im always wearing // feather clip :: i still love you a/w 2010 // white vintage button down  // reworked vintage button skirt // textured gold chain belt with tassels // new shoes made out of old shoes and worn out belts

not just for nuns

// convent shop nyc //

// 179 Stanton St NY NY 10002 //

rick owens // dusen dusen // jeffery campbell // backstage // i still love you // sally lapointe // smoke and mirrors // vengeful minds // plus so many more

i hear the shop girl is in a good mood today and may give some discounts off of some of the regular priced items if you mention this post..

loving the bad guys; 1970’s

there are some really incredible documentaries about new york and the burrows in the 1970’s.  it is insane to think of the anarchy that was all over the streets.  gangs of teenagers killing each other,  hoes looking for johns on every corner, poor people living in half torn down buildings,  and most people being afraid to come out of their homes because of the violence.  if you are interested in more about the history of Manhattan and its (now) beautiful burrows, check out 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s, it is unbelievably eye opening.

however, as terrible as this all was, (and we should never forget that lest it happen again,) bitches did be looking good.  i understand that the documentaries about this time were not made for the fashion, but the aviator sunglasses, daisy dukes, studded jackets, platform shoes and gold cadillacs are fantastic, and i am a sucker for a bad boy……….