lust list

thanks, Candy Pratts Price, for letting me know all of the things i have to drool over and hold my breath till i can afford.

givenchy embellished glove and clutchjust a massive ring, whatevzoh yes plz. from Lee’s final collectionas much as i thought i was over pointy shoes this is spot onit has a face!  and a cute one at that!  get in my life now.i do plan on trolling the vintage shops until i find the perfect oversize envelope clutchAlexander McQueen? I never would have guessed. look at the feathers embossed on the platform! and the silk coving the shoe. so in love.i plan on wearing these shoes with all my new Gareth Pugh…there are only two things this bag is missing:

1. a shoulder strap

2. me.  it misses me and told me so. help get me and my bag reunited!sometimes i need a bag attached to a bag… perfect for all those small things you dont want to loose in large places…“he came in my mouth so i had to kill him.”i intend to make this my “off roading” shoeuh, your fur clutch is only ONE color. pssht.

Karl! WTF?!

i have heard some people refer to the Chanel Fall Winter 2010 collection as a social statement about the injustices of global warming.  The ice caps melting on the runway, the models walking thru water in towering heels, their complete fur ensembles getting soaked (and possibly ruined) during the show.  That interpretation is complete and utter ridiculousness.  Half of the clothes were completely unwearable, and as much as i am enjoying this fur heavy season, the extravagant use of fur seemed extremely pointless and wasteful, more of an exhibition of excess than any sort of world conscious political statement.  Where as Topshop Unique was inspired by Where the Wild Things Are, Chanel just knocked the monsters off.

Alexander McQueen F/W 2010 RTW

His final season, only 80% complete at the time of his death, is one of romanticism and restraint.  Sumptuous fabrics, undulating and floating around the figure, rich jacquards and gilded feathers, hand craft so impeccably Haute Couture.  There is a softness, a somberness, a bitter sweetness to the collection as well, partially because of the intimate setting chosen for the final collection, but possibly also because as we look at these queens, mothers, angels and demons we know it can never be again.   It is that moment before fully waking when the dream is still visible, but slipping through your fingers.  The quiet reflection of a prolific artist, “I’m interested in designing for posterity. People who buy McQueen are going to hand the clothes down to their children, and that’s very rare today.” Alexander McQueen, Harpers Bazaar.

there is talk of a design team taking over the impossible job of McQueen’s genius.  I truly hope these rumours do not come to fruition – they are shoes that can never be filled.

The entire collection, 16 looks.  RIP Alexander McQueen.

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Tsumori Chisato F/W 2010 RTW (P2C2E)

processes too complicated to explain.

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