Shadow Dancer

before the Met Gala, fashion maven Daphne Guinness dressed in front of a crowd in an ethereal art installation at Barney’s.  Starting in an Alexander Lee McQueen jumpsuit, head shrouded in a silk scarf, she moved behind a partially opaque pain of glass; turning getting dressed in her Sarah Burton McQueen feather gown into a choreographed dance that was watched by a massive crowd on the street..

Gorgeous Girls Gala(vanting)

Monday was the anual Metropolitan Costume Gala — and most of the ladies looked stunning.  as usual the gowns were more festive than what we see on the Oscars runway (which is what makes it so fun, yes?) take a look below at the trends that crossed the scarlet carpet.

Long Live McQueenAs the evening was to celebrate the late great Lee McQueen, lots of people wore pieces from past collections: Sarah Jessica Parker in vintage McQueen; Naomi Campbell in custom McQueen, Karen Elson, Salma Hayek

A Cut (Out) Above The Rest
Cut outs are deffinitly a newer trend on the red carpet, espescially side cut outs (so hot right now)  Ginnifer Goodwin looks phenomenal in the twisted emerald green version, while Beyonce’s was a bit too much with the lace AND cutouts AND fish tail AND embroidery..  from left to right: Nicole Richie, Kerry Washington, Ginnifer Goodwin, J Lo, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Beyonce Knowles

Solid POPSimple design and optimistic colors made these ladies stand out from the rest : Brooklyn Decker, Michelle Monaghan, Zoe Saldana (looove the pleated back detail of this column dress) Vera Wang (please eat something) Eva Mendez, and Nancy Shevell

It’s A Mans WorldUsually it’s all about the ladies, but some of the gentlemen decided to work the runway as well. Hamish Bowels in custom Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Rober Duffy, Victor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, the Karl, Stefano Pilati, Zac Posen and Andre Leon Talley in a custom kaftan (really?  i thought it was off the rack!)

We Put Birds on ThingsPlumed, plucked and perfectly pretty, feathers were all over the place. Florence Welch in Yves Saint Laurent, Daphne Guiness in Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton, Margherita Missoni in Missoni, Liv Tyler in Givenchy Couture, Lucy Liu in Vionnet, Demi Moore in Parbal Gurung

Hey OmbreSome of the most stunning gowns of the evening had ombre effects that kept the eye moving from head to toe to head again.  Christina Ricci looks AMAZEBALLS in Zac Posen (is it me or is she channeling her faux ma Morticia Addams?) Taylor Swift looks beautifully grown up in J Mendel, Christina Hendricks in Carolina Herrea, Anna Wintor in possibly one of my favorite Chanel Couture gowns from Spring Summer

Flower GirlsA little more graphic than what might be thought of as a red carpet gown, these ladies were easy to spot.  Blake Lively in Chanel Couture, Emma Stone in Lanvin, Akota Fanning in Valentino, L’Wren Scott in L’Wren Scott

Black and White and Red Carpet All OverClassic colors and unique silhouettes. Elle Fanning incredibly age appropriate in Valentino (love it paired with the flats!) Ashley Olsen in Christian Dior, Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

Hem and HawAnother pretty recent trend showed up on the red carpet — the mullet hem! Hailee Steinfeld in Stella McCartney and Jessica Stam in Tommy Hilfiger

Black Tie OptionalAnd trend setters Chloë Sevigny and Freida Pinto look fit to be tied. Chloë wears Alexander McQueen, Freida is in Chanel Couture

The Queen Lives On

cant stay and chat right now, but let us take a moment to rejoice in Sarah Burton’s brilliance.  if anyone had to take over the Alexander McQueen House, i’m glad it was her.  (even if it took me a minute to realize it 😛)

another thing to be excited about is the Alexander McQueen shoes Adam and Linda and i are going to be DIYing on over the next few months for my wedding.  i am not going to talk about that anymore, but just to wet your pallet, enjoy the phenomenal inspiration shoes .

hey baby, whats your sign

a stunning and surreal editorial journey through the zodiac calendar featuring designers including Alexander McQueen, Lanvin and Christopher Kane

Vogue UK // Photographer: Tim Gutt // Model: Siri Tollerod // Stylist: Kate Phelan // Set Designer: Shona Heath

images are from Fashion Gone Rogue

power performers

ok. boo to this. the whole reason i just wrote this now will not upload. it did at first and now it wont. FML.

go watch nicki minaj being rad. building an empire. and looking smoking hot the whole time. i love all of her amazing wigs, especially the kind of acid washed multi tone pink wedge, and her super hero costume?! she could rescue me any time!


(i know the vma’s were in september) but lady gaga in the Alexander McQueen gown, armadillo shoes, and Philip Treacy headpiece at the VMAs was amazing — you can see her walk by in nicki’s video, she has the most phenom hair color here.

certain people have been hating, like the author of an article for StyleFrizz who wrote “I highly appreciate any public highlight of anything McQueen, Gaga’s attempts at being different smell like fame desperation, thus not honoring McQueen’s memory in my opinion. Where others see art in Gaga, I see nothing genuine / original. Posing as a “special” someone doesn’t necessarily make her one too. It’s all a stage game. The Fame game. Please, Gaga, enough McQueen already!”

i disagree. i think the person who wrote this doesn’t like zee lady gaga for,idk, whatever reason they need. the truth is she pulls this look off fantastically, just like she does with everything she wears. she experiments with design in a way we haven’t seen since David Bowie and Brian Eno. it’s weird acid trip glam with a big dose of f you in it, designed by r mutt. i want to know where the author of that statement thinks all the clothes come from. obviously she works with designers and stylists, but it’s not like they all got together before she was a big deal and said “let’s make her famous.” there isn’t some larger force saying “laaaaaady gaaagaaaa wear avant garde clothing and we’ll make you faaaaamous!” it isn’t happening. the fact that this person says gaga is “dishonoring” McQueen by wearing his gown is just an inflammatory statement. how could anyone who not only wore, but impeccably rocked the look, exposing it to millions of viewers be dishonor?! to say she does this alone is absurd, but a professional team does not a fashion icon undo. nor does it mean she has nothing to do with it. she has worked with small designers all along her career, and has brought quite a few of them up with her. what budding artist have you seen wearing McQueen or any other real designer? non. why? cause they cant get their hands on it.

i’d like to know what the author would suggest lady gaga do differently to make herself actually “special.” suggestions please? because obviously that’s why such a statement was written, right? because the author has some insight to offer? not just because someone doesn’t like lady dada gaga and therefore is personally upset that gaga and not she gets to wear McQueen / be successful / get 8 VMA awards.

the girl likes to wear wild clothes. now she has the ability to do it. get over it. thanks.

we should be celebrating the people who dare to push fashion boundaries especially when they inspire so many other people to do the same. rarely if ever have there been main stream artists who’ve pushed esthetics into such bizarre-o territory. there are tons of performers making due with what they have to create something new or fashion forward, who’s biggest wish is to one day work with major designers. but we all have to come from somewhere, don’t we?  if nothing else, she is broadening americas visual pallet. and that’s not something to huff at.

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2011

i have been waiting with bated breath for this collection.  yes, me and the rest of the world. Sarah Burton had some massive shoes to fill, and even though she has been the assistant for the late great Lee McQueen for the last 14 years, to become the head of a world renowned house is intimidating to say the least.  she has been quoted saying that she represents a softer side to the label, and her spring summer is inspired by pagan women and rebirth.  we will still have to see in seasons to come how Sarah’s own voice will grow and mature, as this collection references many past seasons as well as touches of Marchesa and Viktor and Rolf.  however, as a start, she’s made a good one, and i am excited to see more.