Ta Ta Ta Tease Me!

WAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA — well, really it’s ME teasing YOU! BOOM! so, we are still working hard to clean up all the images, making the look book (did someone say 15 to 20 looks?!), do all of the fun post stuff we are planning (and not telling you about yet) aaaand we’re making a film too! that’s right –we are in the editing process of a 2 and a half minute in motion vignette of I Still Love You clothing, jewelry and accessories to an original song by San Diego band Bruisecaster.  you. will. love.

but i thought it would be rude to ask you all to wait so patently and not reward you for being such lovelies.  therefore, i am releasing ONE image to give you the slightest taste — shall we call it an amuse bouche? it’s not a photo that shows you too much, but i know for a fact that this will keep you hungry for more.

I Still Love You Spring 2011 Teaser

Silk and Cotton blend Braided Turban // Sheer Silk Button Down with Droop Pockets // Chainmail and Fringe Strangler Necklace // Cotton Modal and Poly Net Faux Short Thigh High Stirrup Leggings

Designer, Creative and Art Direction: Carrie Morrissey

Photographer: Pat Blake

Style Oversight: Tina Nguyen

Makeup: Leilani  Sunglao //  Hair: Alice Shiels and Anya Krotova


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4 thoughts on “Ta Ta Ta Tease Me!

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