The View From The Shoot

Manhattan Bridge View from Dumbo

So Tuesday’s shoot turned out really perfectly.  not snow, nor early rising, nor an incredibly packed 9 hour shoot could deter my team from giving it their all, and i have to say, when you have a good team, there is no way to go wrong.  Of course, this is a teaser post — sorry! — because obvies you don’t get to see anything till it;s all done, but know that Spring Summer 2011 I Still Love You Look Book is on it’s way, to be shown first, right here at I Love YOU Nonetheless.  aaand the film will hopefully* coincide with the launching of a new I Still Love You website. but we’ll see.  there is a lot of programing that has to go into the site still. merr.

also, i’ve been asked how you can purchase articles from my line, and very soon there will be an online shop precisely for that! so, hooray!

Manhattan Bridge View from Dumbo

*Promises made while blogging cannot be used as evidence against me in a court of law and are not intended to be end all be all statements.

(love you!)


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