Welcome to 2011…aaand GO!

To Do List 2011


– Make I Still Love You a viable business through shrewd (and next level dance) moves, amazing designs and mind blowing collaborations with fellow artists

Get Married

– Send out all the Save the Date cards (that have been sitting in a box waiting to get addresses put on FOR MONTHS)

– Move — oh, did i tell you we’re moving to Williamsburg next month? we are. ( i still love you bushwick — me n you forever! but not really cause here i come Graham Stop!)

– Get Interns — hells yeah!  we be higherin once i got my new studio!

– Make not one, but 2 wedding dresses (thanks to my friend Katherine who helped convince me that if it is impossible to sit in my confection of a wedding dress, that i may as well have an ensemble change for the reception)

– Get down to a size 4 — or 6 — but really 4 (with help from my friends over at Weight Watchers, the gift certificate i got for an eight week boot camp session — ah, thanks Adam?! and my favorite 20 minute pilates workout video and 2 lb weights. yeah you heard it right. i can do like 3 rounds of 20 with those bad boys ha)

– Design wedding invitations, flower arrangements and oh, i dont know, an S ton MORE things that go along with a freaking wedding.

– I Still Love You
– I Still Love You
– I Still Love You………….. ∞ ∞ ∞

– Get Married? Oooh shoot — i hope our home made beer is done, the flowers are grown and the sea is full of lobsters!

is that it?  DOUBTFUL!  i did also quit smoking this year — that’s pretty exciting!  24 days now and counting.. The funny thing about that is, after smoking for over half my life, it was incredibly easy to do.  Thanks to Allen Carr for that.

so, apparently this is my most name brand post ever. but i do still mean it.  however, i am required at this time to tell you:  As part of my participation in this conversation around Weight Watchers and New Year’s resolutions, Weight Watchers gave me a free three-month subscription to Weight Watchers.


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