tis the season

i was listening to too beautiful to live and luke was talking about sufjan stevens’ christmas album.. i’m not into most chrispy music, but i thought this was sweet with its nostaligic animation style and sufjan’s lovely voice which is so unusual for a christmas song..

so i thought i would make a christmas list… haha i dont really care if i get anything.. a lot of what i’m giving to other people is stuff i’ve made which i think is so much more personal… but i have really enjoyed creating gift lists (take a look at this one i did for the frisky!) so i thought what the hej, it is the season.

1. Two tickets to The Book of Mormon

2. Macaroons — i’ve been obsessed with them for over a year now and i’ve still never had one

3. Long leather gloves — warm and elegant and something i’d never buy myself

4. The Jeffery Campbell Lita shoe in beige burgundy fabric — so weird/glam current obsession

5. The Canon PowerShot SD940IS 12.1 Mega Pixel digital camera with wide angle lens — sure i’ve got my wonderful Canon T1I, but sometimes a quick point and shoot is all you need/want

6. We went to Traif recently (a phenomenal resto in Williamsburg) and they had truffle salt rimed drinks. i would put this on everything. amaze.

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