stand up for peace

Thursdays 7th annual Seeds of Peace charity event at Comix was a blast. The comedians were all very funny, (even if Wyatt Cenac was a little surly!), and that night they were able to raise over $20,000 for the organization! I especially enjoyed Mohamed Mohamed, partially because he is a cutie singing about forbidden love (ie Romeo and Jew-liet ha0), but hey, im a romantic. and Jenny Slate was looking so adorbs! She told us after the show her mink jacket was her grandmothers and her fantastic jeffery campbell boots came from Dear Fieldbinder and are totally sold out! but i found another great pair from sole struck.. anyway here’s a funny collage i made of her outfit. it’s a perfect one for fall…

this look: vintage tartan scarf, vintage mink jacket, rachel comey lean jeans, jeffrey campbell boots


One thought on “stand up for peace

  1. Thanks for commenting about the show and for the nice words.. In case you’re wondering, I googled my name and your site came up about how much you like the song. It is my favorite as well, “forbidden love” I may use that for my next song!

    Gracias and hope to see you at another show.

    Hasta Luego
    Mohamed Mohamed

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