birthday weekend part 2

i actually stayed in bed until 6pm. i dont know if i’ve ever done that before — but it was amazing. then back to party time. i have the most amazing friends!  a fantastic time at the richardson and was generously given quite a few unexpected and beautiful gifts  including an african seed bead inspired bracelet, Venetian glass bead friendship necklaces, a tote from my friends new collection, lightning bolt ring, massive sea shell ring in rose gold, a Topstitch original poncho that is AMAZE and a bunch of designer books from my lover. thank you all. ❤

so — no-photo, ya’ll looked hot, but the camera stayed away — cause it was my time to play! ha. until the walk home..

late night photo shoot with our friend Mary

waiting for the train in my new wolfords…

aaand late night prezzi opening — Adam gave me 3 amazing books – The Hermes Scarf; the BRAND NEW YSL Retrospective tome, and  the worlds LARGEST Pucci book (btw one of the best comebacks for a label this year! Peter Dundas has done wonders! — the other you ask — Tommy Hilfiger. NO DOUBT)

my new sheer top is from Asos and is backless — so in love! worn with jessica rabbit style body suit, high waist satin shorts, wolford cage stockings, i still love you lead crystal necklace and feather clip and the mary rocks — J.C. you’re gonna have to give me some new shoes — these ones are almost dead! sad face!

then we stayed up and watched my new fave show till sunrise



and stay tuned, one more tiny section of birthday then i’ll be sharing my thanksgiving!  i hope you had a lovely time — Rhode Island was breath-taking. you will defs enjoy!


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