Chic Travelers; Manhattan

it’s almost T-Gives (best holiday EVER) so i thought some chic travelers would be appropriate.  There is nothing like luxe luggage to say chic, but when it’s paired with a elbow patch blazer (him) and phenom riding boots (her) there is just no way to go wrong!

i can’t wait for thanksgiving!  it is my favorite holiday.. i love cooking with my mother, family coming and going, the crisp fall air in Rhode Island, trying new recipes and bring out old favorites.. my aunt and grandmother have both moved to RI recently, and we now all get to have an unhurried time together.. laughing and drinking wine, sampling cheeses and keeping the boys out of the kitchen. we never eat until later in the evening, as i’ve been brought up appreciating the time it take to cook things, not just feeling like we must rush to eat by 1pm. after i think we are going to watch despicable me, eat a bunch of pie (my aunt nancy makes the BEST pecan pie EVER) and pass out on the couch, swearing we will never eat another bite. until the next day, when we’ll make the leftover sammies!

do you have traditions you celebrate with your family or friends around thanksgiving? anything you can’t wait to do again, or never again? recipes you want to share? tell me — i want to know!!

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